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  1. Im playing mostly HLL and maps are much bigger and there are 100players, still works better than WW3.
  2. Sadly i think im done with this game, have been supporting this game since ea started. Lets see what future patches bring and may join then.
  3. If you say battlefied metro everybody knows what you are talking about, that was the idea of thread name.
  4. Greetings from Finland: https://www.sako.fi/rifles/sako-trg/trg-m10
  5. I think you got it wrong. Your so called meatgrinder is where you need teamwork and some brains.
  6. Breakthrough and warzone are different gamemodes.
  7. One of the most popular map in battlefield 3/4 is metro, maybe we should have one. Maybe Paris or Hamburg.
  8. What memory should i get for i9 9900ks, DDR4 3600MHz cas16?
  9. Battlefield 4 still has lots of players cous third party servers and active admins ( im admin in 7 servers ) and i think good rental server program or third party servers would make WW3 more intresting to people. Bfv has failed with community servers and heres open door to other companies to make money and get players. I had chat with some platoon founders and they are intrested in WW3 if there is going to be anything like bf4 community servers.
  10. No need to imagine, just try Battlefield or HLL.
  11. Im worried about where this game is going. Small company making two games and not making serious progress with WW3. And mostly im worried what sign making breakthrough only 10vs10 gives to people.
  12. At the moment optimizing is whats needed. When game runs smooth like bf1 and bfv, then i can start recomending it to my platoons. Offcourse platoons want dedicated servers.
  13. There are some people like me who bought the game and have been playing since then and our stats are going to be reseted when final version of game comes. Today i have been drinking beer and got idea; may we have some present like special helmet, soldier outfit or something? If it feels unfair to others, they may get it by meleeing dude whos wearing it.
  14. Any news? Might have some longtime game admins and platoon founders interested hosting ww3 gameserver.
  15. For me one thing only: no map rotation. I want to play with same people / squad in new map after round ends.
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