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  1. Finland lost Karjala to Soviet, these guys want it back.
  2. Biggest problem for me is that game is not running smooth. After playing bf4 / 1 this games gameplay does not feel good.
  3. Going to reinstall windows and would like to save setting so i dont have to manually change everything. What folder should i save?
  4. Agree, just more big maps and more players ( 64 ). And rental servers.
  5. Sounds like you clicked no when windows uac asked if program is allowed. And or antivirus blocked it, F-secure does that sometimes.
  6. After round ends game says: looking new server, most of the time i find myself in allmost empty server. Isnt it possible to keep same players in server and just load new map?
  7. And game is not running smooth anymore and why only 30players servers?
  8. Wikstone_


    What happened to servers, today its laggy and servers are mostly ping 60-70? Im use to servers with ping 20-30 and tick rate 60hz or higher so now playing doesnt feel good.
  9. It was first and only time when happened.
  10. Truth is that we need more players.
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