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    What happened to servers, today its laggy and servers are mostly ping 60-70? Im use to servers with ping 20-30 and tick rate 60hz or higher so now playing doesnt feel good.
  2. It was first and only time when happened.
  3. Truth is that we need more players.
  4. Video says it all: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjIyaC85AbtzgpQH3gec9Sdo3Rk-sg
  5. I had to reinstall nvidia drivers and installed 417.71, now game runs much better
  6. Game needs optimizing, at the moment its not running smooth and playing is not enjoyable.
  7. Is official still up? Its gone from my discord.
  8. For me game feels like having constant microstuttering(?) and feels like something holding me, not really enjoying playing at the moment.
  9. If devs want / need players to PTE why not give specific date and time when players wanted, like Ea has fnb every friday at 23:00. Lately when i have been checking servers are empty.
  10. Happened to me last night, 17 vs 17 and suddenly i was alone against 4 enemy.
  11. Saddly this doesnt look good. Crashing, poor performance, microstuttering, no map rotation ( after round you go to main screen ), falling under map, no players etc. Im still supporting them anyway.
  12. Something like battlelog in second monitor where you have battlescreen, platoons etc. Something like this:
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