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  1. There is very little variation in the reticle style of the currently available optics in the game, especially in the magnified optics. All of the magnified optics (or at least the ones I've seen), including low power and high power scopes, all share the same reticle. This is unfortunate in my opinion, especially since I have a gripe about said reticle. Let's get the gripe out of the way first. All it really is is that the red dot part of the reticle used in the magnified optics has very poor illumination. This may sound trivial, but it hinders precision when aiming at anything that doesn't have an extreme contrast to the dull red of the reticle. Most people would probably just say "git gud and deal with it" but if this game is going for somewhat-realism like it appears to be, it should be noted that an using an optic with such poor illumination in real life sucks for the same reason in sucks in the game. The illumination on the unmagnified optics is just fine, so if that level of brightness could be brought to the red dot portions of the magnified optics it would be much appreciated. For reticle variance, there are so many reticles out there for these 3-4x optics and it would be nice to see some brought into the game for variety's sake. For example, if something like an ACOG is added to the game, it could have the original ACOG reticle, ACSS, etc. as options since that actual optic is offered with those. While this is more of a personal preference thing, I'm quite certain much of the player base would enjoy a change like this very much. ACSS below as example
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