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  1. That book looks very interesting. Thank you. As I said, there doesn't seem to be a lot of material about these armies.
  2. Sounds interesting. I may stop by and get with you guys in a game. I am not interested in competitions, as much as finding a few new friend to play WW3 with. I like gaming, however I am not a skilled player, but I have fun.
  3. I have been trying to find some reference material about the military represented in this game. Specifically the Polish GROM, and the German KSK. Most of the material gives very little information and is usually more about USA Special Ops than those in other countries. IF any one here has good ideas for books like this please post a reply. Thanks.
  4. I have noticed that when ever there is a new patch, my character stats are re-set. Understood. However, I think it would be nice if we also received some more "cash" in the account to purchase new equipment? Starting over is fine, but without "Silver" it takes a while. Just the amount given at the previous patch. Thanks.
  5. I too love the latest patch, and the TDM! I was wondering though, IF I could get a "loan" for some more cash in the game to buy more stuff? I am out of money and could use a little cash in game????? I have collateral? ?
  6. IMHO,I think its about having a "counter measure " against an over powered player, like a sniper. Not that snipers are bad, just need a way to counter their ability. Like going against amour. I want a weapon I can use to counter the threat. I also think many players do not want an overpowering advantage over other players. IF that were to be part of the game, it will lose players. Then they want to cheat, right? Not all players are equal and play at different levels. That challenge is for devs to make the game balanced without making it unplayable for any level of skill. About weapon progression. High skilled players can use pistols and dominate, while less skilled can have the most powerful weapon and still die too much. That is why I would rather see "enhanced skills" perks, like COD had. And progression should also reflect the time played in game, and not just battlefield victories, or individual kills. Maybe a tutorial from the devs about specific soldier "loadouts" that are made for: anti-sniper, anti-tank, assault and defender . I know BF and COD had this, but if you "steal ideas", then steal from the best.
  7. RS2 Vietnam, a few BF series and COD games.
  8. Goldeneye 007. The BEST FPS shooter of all time!
  9. Jungle warfare different than desert/mountain area. Russia always had used guerilla tactics in their world wide revolutions. Don't think they needed the Vietnamese to teach them anything. They got stuck in Afghanistan like WE did in Vietnam. The idea that overwhelming power can overcome a determined nation of fighters never works well. Their arrogance of military power caused them to lose. They invaded because they thought President Carter weak and ineffective. But your points make sense. The Russians never used their abilities to their advantage.
  10. Kingkat54

    How old are you?

    I too am "way older" than most of you, with a single exception. I have played fps since RS6 was first released, and the original Ghost Recon got me interested in military fps. So, my age will probably make the "average age" go way up! ? Let's just say I remember watching a brand new Black and White Console television when I was younger. Had a record player on one side and a Stereo Radio on the other.
  11. The Longest Day A Bridge Too Far The Battle of Britain Band of Brothers All Quiet On The Western front (1931 edition) The Blue Max Saving Private Ryan Blackhawk Down The Great Escape Pork Chop Hill The Wild Geese The Battle of Midway Tora, Tora, Tora Platoon Full Metal Jacket The Battle of Algiers
  12. Not to be contrary, but just read the comments over at the "other latest released or soon to be released, game" forums. Same stuff! Some people just feel the need to be picky about things THEY think no one else can see. Cynical people know the COST of everything, but the VALUE of nothing.
  13. Again, I am very happy with the posts. Obviously the devs are trying hard to make the game balanced. That is all I want. I would like to see a description of how some of these "defensive" weapons work? Some tutorial perhaps?
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