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  1. Yes they can be shot and grenades will blow up other grenades.
  2. I hate to agree with this statement but it is very true which suck cause i really enjoy the game it has great base mechanics and can only improve from here after server issues of course. I plan to keep on playing long term but i know a lot of people are already starting to give with all these server issues.
  3. There is a community manager/developer in the discord that posts in the news section i believe he should also be posting the updates in that forum section as well. It would be very useful for people who don't use discord.
  4. I am pretty sure this has happened to me in a similar area on that map. My kill log basically said the same thing that i died by an antitank mine don't remember the distance though, very strange haha
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    Looking for group

    Probably a good thing you didn't find it till now, it was a mess on release with people spamming cause of the problems. ?
  6. Glad to hear it worked for you!
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    Sniper Bipods.

    I'm a wondering if it a key also or just a passive effect when laying down with the bipod attached.
  8. Just try a fresh download if you haven't yet, its helped a few.
  9. That's weird because I followed the two fps guides that are on the main page of here and I have the exact same specs as you with 8gb Ram and I get a consistent 80fps. Results definitely seem to vary a lot person to person even with the same specs and settings.
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    Customization saving is currently disable due to master server issues and will be enabled once the issue is fixed.
  11. I had one game that was really bad basically unplayable with all the stuttering and frame drops. Restarting the game seems to have fixed it that one time and it hasn't happened since. I think your best bet would be to reset your nvidia game setting and re-download and go from there.
  12. Just tried this out and it is definitely a good setup, Thanks!
  13. Okay this is good know thanks!
  14. I get that every now and then but usually after a couple tries i get into a match. This is on NA servers.
  15. So what are all the differences we know so far? I have only noticed it to be movement speed and you get up faster/slower depending on weight from the falling animations. Is the the weight bar on sliding scale or is medium the same know matter where the weight falls between the two points?
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