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  1. So I've been unable to use camos or patches for a couple days now, it worked the first day but after that I haven't been able to select any camo or see anyone else's camos. I see people using camos from other people's game perspectives like through YouTube videos though which has me really confused. Is this a problem with everyone or is my game just messed up and I can't see camo customizations?
  2. As of about an hour or two ago, my loadouts have been staying persistent between game launches. Has this been fixed for anyone else? Hopefully they've sorted it out and are able to implement progression soon, I can't wait to start grinding out all my favorite gun set ups!
  3. I think they fixed the load outs problem. It works fine for me now and it stays after I close and relaunch the game. As for everything else, it will be fixed over time. It's Early Access, key word: Early. The game isn't finished yet and I'm sure everything will be ironed out as development continues. If you aren't having fun playing the game now, wait until later when everything is fixed and working as intended.
  4. I'd like to see more LMGs along with some battle rifles and such. I'd mainly like to see something like an M240, M14/M1A, and SA-58.
  5. I really hope we see the M1A and FAL in particular, they both have some seriously unique body customization options (like the EBR and Archangel stock for the M1A, and OSW variant stuff for the FAL). I've always been a fan of battle rifles/DMRs in games like this so I'm with you on this. I know they've said they plan to add more weapons in general so I'm sure at some point we will see stuff like this. Also do keep in mind that this game just came out into Early Access so it has a LONG way to go before it's finally finished, I wouldn't put anything out of the picture yet. The devs are pretty keen on fixing the big stuff first though like servers and optimization so I wouldn't expect it any time soon sadly.
  6. Definitely something I hope they add. I loved the feeling of getting skins unlocked in Battlefield 3 particularly, the PKP Pecheneg desert camo was the one I remember most because you had to get 100 kills with the gun, AND get 25 C4 vehicle kills, AND get 25 claymore kills. It took SO DAMN LONG to get those claymore kills, but it felt so good when I finally completed that assignment and got the camo unlocked and I felt pretty good about myself whenever I rocked that gun cause I had a skin that actually took effort to unlock.
  7. I think it's intentional. The specialized ammos are supposed to be better than the standard ammo at specific things and the devs probably don't want people spamming it since you could pretty easily abuse the hollow point ammo by spamming people in the legs. It's probably a balance thing.
  8. They will almost definitely be optimizing the game in the future, I remember reading in one of the FAQs that they said they are going to be working on optimization and server stuff first over anything else. If you don't think you can run it, you may as well give it a try though. You can refund it on Steam if you've played less than 2 hours. I can run the game at ~30-50 FPS depending on where I am in the map (in the middle of a team fight versus on the outside of the map doing nothing) and my specs are: CPU: Ryzen R5 1600 @ 3.2Ghz GPU: GTX 1050 Ti 4gb RAM: 4x4gb 2400mhz It's not the best of PCs and it's still totally playable for me, though I do plan on upgrading soon to a better rig overall. Hope this helps!
  9. It's part of the meta game thing that isn't currently working. Eventually you will be able to put resources you gain from completing matches into specific regions on the map in the main menu, and whichever side claims all the regions at the end of the season they get whatever reward is up for grabs that season. At least that's what I've gathered from around the web and whatnot. I don't know if anyone really knows what the nuke will do when it is obtained, but it will probably be explained at some point in the future. Could be a thing where whichever side got the nuke gets to vote on an enemy region to nuke and it gets rid of a ton of the resources that the enemies put in that region or something. That's just my guess though.
  10. sutithaon

    Weapon List?

    Do you mean a weapons list of weapons being added in the future, or a list of weapons that are currently in the game now?
  11. sutithaon

    Steam Inventory?

    Huh, never noticed that. I just checked now and it says "This inventory is not available at this time. Please try again later." If they're going by any of the other Steam game inventory's standards it will probably be used for gun skins and stuff later on, but the skins and camos are all in the game right now so I really don't know. Interesting to think about though. My best guess is that it has something to do with the meta game "war screen" thing that is going to be fleshed out later on, or maybe it's just a mistake on the developers part. Could be anything at this point, really.
  12. sutithaon

    Say Hello!

    Hello! Can't wait to play the hell out of this game when progression is added!
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