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  1. First of all, I'm not here to whine about WW3 as I've enjoyed the game so much. I haven't complained about the quality of this game. Not even the FPS, however today I played the possible worst 2 matches so far. In the first one and the second one, I had horrible FPS and PING out of nowhere, I haven't had them since the beginning of the game. Secondly the next matched I played I encounter a hacker. He was shooting a sniper rifle and RPG thru a wall in the game, (no idea if he was inside the wall or could see from the other side) he killed 25+ in the first 7-8 min of the match. I end up leaving the game for now. Also in the second video look at the game chat. as well in the second video you can appreciate some lagging when running, and believe me, it was the same way as it looks in the video I Would suggest the classic report function to report hackers like this. I honestly hate them, usually break the game for everyone. I'm not a hardcore gamer or something. I'm loving WW3 and not planning on getting BFV as I see the potential this game has. I hope it gets better over time and I know its hard to fix these issues as a game developer. Sincerely, I fan of WW3 (the game not a real war) Ww3 2018.11.01 - Ww3 2018.11.01 -
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