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  1. Long matches are, at least for me, no problem at all as long as they are somewhat even and fun. Personally I would rather have seen a tweak to the score system itself. For example the score for your team speeds up if you hold 2 out of 3 objective pairs uncontested and gets kicked up another notch for holding them all. This will make really one-sided matches not drag on as they currently do but still allow for nice, long even matches.
  2. I'm not sure adding a CTF layer should be seen as a fix. Sounds more like a new hybrid game mode, which could be interesting.
  3. I noticed the squad leader has a shorter spawn timer than the rest of the squad. The general idea may be that it's important to have the squad leader back in the game asap so the squad can spawn on him. But how useful is that really when the nearest option to spawn is halfway across the map? This hurts attacking squads in particular. My proposal to change this is as follows. If the squad leader selects the defense role, keep things as they are now. Make perfect sense. But if the squad leader has taken the attacking role, give him the normal spawn time but give the option to spawn on a squad member. This allows for more tactical game play. The attacking squad, or at least one member of it, would need to hang back a bit to allow the leader to come back in. This should not be changeable during down time of the squad leader. The attack/defense state at the moment of dying counts.
  4. There's a big difference between giving critical feedback and your "THIS GAME IS DEAD" doom saying crusade. If you cannot see that then I feel sincerely sorry for you. Yes, criticism should be given. But Yelling that this game has no future on it's public forums, the place where the potential new player base goes to for more information, IS HELPING ABSOLUTELY NO ONE! Take a minute and try to finally understand that. Yes you should be critical. But the way in which you do that is important. And the way you do it is nothing more than destructive and I'm quite frankly disgusted by it. Have a nice day!
  5. Would removing the spawn timer if you get TK punished help? That way you'd spawn before the troll does. edit: sorry for double post. Seems like edit timer on last post ran out.
  6. What's wrong with these people?! But getting rid of TK punishment won't prevent that either. Trolls gonna troll. Loosening up punishment will only give trolls more room to be annoying. And I don't think any tank is worth that.
  7. No need to get rid of the punishment system for that. If you do that you create a much bigger problem. I'd rather see the tank being automatically locked to it's owner when that happens or something in that direction. In the end the problem is vehicle stealing, not the punishment system itself. Address the stealing.
  8. To the boots on the ground, the politics really should not matter at all though.
  9. May I suggest changing the end of round screen so it does not make it appear I, the individual, won or lost us the round? I think the message "We won/lost" would be more appropriate than the current "You won/lost"
  10. And it can even silly in a very subtle way. That's why I proposed "Alpha 14.8". That could be used to design a military looking "Taskforce Alpha 14.8" emblem or something so that it does not look too out of place but we early adopters can have a good laugh about it in the future.
  11. Personally I have not yet been in an excessive base camp situation, luckily. But yeah, it should not be that hard to make bases completely out of bounds and as much as possible break line of sight in to it. I would be surprised if this is not something they are already aware of and working on. What bothers me most about the current state of the spawn system is how we spawn on objectives. Too many times have I had soldiers materialize pretty much with their temple pressed to my flash hider while I'm capturing an objective. I have no choice but to kill then instantly otherwise it's me. To counter this I would start by moving the spawn locations for capture points just outside the actual capture area. Spawn immunity should not be the first tool to be used in an attempt to improve spawns. There's a lot that can be tried before it has to come to that.
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