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  1. Hollow points melt people if you hit them in unprotected areas ( as in even better than FMJ imo ) Armour piercing should reduce the armour protection, though, considering how wicked AP can be against vechicles it may become *TOO* good to not take over HP. I find shrapnel to be useless, even direct hits don't always kill the enemy.
  2. the problem is that I noticed it doesn't always work ( already reported it ) Sometimes you can't switch it, and sometimes it goes off.
  3. So, girls and gals, wanna know a neat trick? Here it is! -step one; bait a friendly tank to tk you -step two: punish -step three: spawn asap near it -step four: run for it -step five: hope the lock feature wasn't used or bugged itself off. -step six: laugh in polish as your poor teammate destroys the tank optics himself out of pure, undiluted rage. seriously though. this may be an issue
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