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  1. While i agree that we would be interested in purchasing servers, i know that i myself would like the game to be raised to its full potential from a core game standpoint before any form of standalone servers are brought into the fold. The game is fantastic and IMO, has had one of the best game launches for an Early Access game release. Simply adding the concept of standalone servers into the mix now would be a waste of valuable time and resources. Let the developers work out the kinks and continue to develop the game. Server rentals will come with time. [BLS] Otama
  2. casregty Who We Are: BlackListedSociety was founded in 2012 with the goal of bringing like-minded gamers together under one roof. We count ourselves as friend’s first, teammates second. We always have been and always will be looking for mature, quality individuals to add to the team. Gamers who enjoy playing as a team, having fun together and most importantly, gamers who don’t tolerate the bullshit that takes place on other servers and in other communities. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to racism, discrimination, cheating, griefing or spoiling the enjoyment of our members or public players who enjoy our servers. BlackListedSociety is comprised of hundreds of people who have sought after a community where they can play the games they love with other mature, but driven and objective focused gamers. Our number one goal is to have fun. All of the other rules and standards we put in place that accompany our no bull attitude are merely designed to protect that goal. Based right through Australia and NZ, we offer a wide range of games and environments to play in, Making sure every gamer that comes through our door has a home. So as we always say, why play with yourself, when you can play with BLS! Join us, or drop in and say Hi: Teamspeak: ts3.blacklistedsociety.com Website: www.blacklistedsociety.com [BLS] BlackListedSociety - What were all about!.mp4
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