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  1. this is getting even more ridiculous, it literally says EA is unfinished and it EQUALS alpha or beta, so how can there be another beta within the beta? I haven't seen any devs use such a practice so far, everyone released PTE environment after they released v1.0, at the time when it made sense, since EA is one big beta. And of course there's a natural fluctuation cycle with every game, but you can drive it through your decisions towards better or worse and (again, its my opinion, not my game though) I dont think its a great idea to release PTE environment DURING EA while there's barely a 1,2k peak each evening few days after release. Btw. no worries I definitely won't block you - I have 0 issues digesting what you leave here - just trying to point out that being on either side of the extremes that you meet here isn't good. People have valid arguments which you often don't seem to see over your love towards this game, but if you want to be that guy, hey, just keep going.
  2. you don't seem to be getting the point, here, let me simplify it for you: Early Access = pre launch, pre-v1.0 PTE, you get it now? This isn't "my only-right opinion", this is something called industry standard. There simply is no beta within Early Access, since thats what it basically is. And I'm not trying to tell the devs here or anyone what do or what has to be done, just expressing my opinion. Seen plenty of EA titles fail but also gain a lot of success and don't want to see WW3 failing. The game definitely isn't going the "success" route so far. A guy comes over and makes a valid point and is being accused of being a crybaby and advised to leave the game till launch, lol Now there are plenty of cry-babies here in the forums, one extreme, but on the other hand - another extreme, people like you CapybaraPaul or the guy with the Nicolas Cage profile pic are the most toxic users on this forum, overly understanding idiots who are defending the devs for whatever price ... pathetic
  3. it doesn't make any sense at all to have PTE during early access, like wadduhek? EA basically is PTE, just that its before launch, its literally the same thing ... lol And no, I don't want to have a rushed release which could render the game unplayable for everyone. I want them to just step back and say, hey, stuff needs to get postponed since smth didn't work out, end of story. Instead, the devs seem to be feeling pressured too much and make one mistake after another. They can't deliver patch so they release something half-baked to PTE just to keep the crowd shut up, but this won't please anyone. Seriously, who is making the decisions on this stuff?
  4. To be honest, nope, none of these reasons made me drop this game. The only reason why I'm not turning on this game past the first week is, that it performs like crap. Yup yup I hear ya, its EA, fully understand, didn't come to bitch here about it, just came to explain whats going on from my perspective. I got 2 PCs, i7 6700 w GTX 1080 and i7 7700 w GTX 1070. Both PCs, without any regard to the settings I run on them, frequently drop from 80-90 fps to 40-50 or even as low as 30. What bothers me the most is, that its happening very frequently while I start to shoot and the flash on the barrel of the gun gets drawn by the GPU, making it nearly impossible to control the recoil properly. This is the point where any content or the server situation becomes irrelevant since the most basic feature of the game, shooting, is F-ed up beyond belief. All of my friends (except one) dropped this game for the very same reason so far and only one keeps playing it, on a prehistoric i5 paired with a GTX 770 - weird, but hes getting the smoothest gameplay on the lowest possible settings without any stutter out of it I'm afraid that by the time the performance gets polished there won't be any community which is going to expand, only decline ... Its great that the devs say that the launch exceeded their expectations and they got their pockets filled for months to come, but this is saying one more thing - they haven't made accurate projections and haven't prepared well for what was to come - such a shame, this game had great potential built on a awesome concept but it seems that its all going to waste
  5. the game crashed on me once while I was afk, but I was never kicked by server or game while I went for a quick smoke
  6. the optimization usually takes place at the very end of early access, after everything else was polished. Since there are major server and network issues I'd guess we're still far away from getting a smooth experience, but its defo worth waiting for. I'd be great if the devs released some sort of roadmap for the EA phase
  7. he seemed hyped but doubt that he would pick up the game at the current state. People with high end rigs got dips into 50, Im sure hes gonna wait it out
  8. urgently gotten me ha! So how many friends are we talking about?
  9. thanks for sharing this! My findings were similar - textures and shadows on low and game was smooth afterwards, without the stutter. The game isn't handling textures well at this stage it seems, but I'm sure as it will get more and more polished, these issues will be gone.
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