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  1. Thanks to everyone that replied on this topic- a rough estimate between comments tell me that most players would rather not have a minimap implemented into the game and feels it is unnecessary. Although I firmly disagree, this is what the player base wants. Thanks for commenting.
  2. Either way would be great, thanks for taking the time to reply.
  3. I appreciate your time for replying om this matter. I am of course happy that you are enjoying the game and I wish you the best experience possible.
  4. I understand how it works and how they want to to be. I just personally wish that their could be a constant minimap, if you read the previous replies I made, you can see why I would like there to be a constant minimap. But thanks for replying.
  5. You are right, we do share different views about the game. Is still feel that a Minimap can be a great addition to the game, and if it can be toggled it shouldn't be a problem for you? It is in all honesty just a preference which I really wished the game had.
  6. I understand- I only used COD as an example of a Arcade shooter, not as a comparison between gameplay types. I still feel that the game could benefit from a Minimap, but I respect your views. Thank you for leaving a reply.
  7. Yes, like most shooters, due to it being a useful HUD display that helps the player without giving unfair advantage.
  8. I see your point- but look at it this way. I'm playing with my brother, we like sticking together, it helps us stay alive and makes capturing points easier. It often happens that we need to split up, so we can flank an objective, so I need to stop, open my map, see whether or not we can move in that direction. Then I get killed because I had to stop and open a big, obscuring map. If I had a Minimap, I could easily still look around me, protect myself and still know where my brother is exactly. That, for me is tactics- running around just shooting is an arcade shooter like Call of Duty.
  9. Not arguing, I just find it interesting that a modern tactical shooter, would remove one of the most useful of tactical displays, being a Minimap. Even if I can't see the enemies on it, it takes the place of the large map, which obscures the vision of the player, and it makes transvering easier.
  10. Didn't know you can turn it off- I'm still not entirely convinced that it can be considered old- even if it isn't used to see enemies, it is useful for seeing where you are going, without having to open the map, obscuring your vision, don't you think?
  11. Going by that logic, shouldn't the BP be removed along with friendly indicators? Because neither of those are hardcore game element either?
  12. I'm curious to see how many players would like a Minimap implemented into the game. Along with the minimap add a tagging system similar to battlefield 4, which shows the enemy you tagged on the minimap for a short period of time. This is a tactical shooter right? This will add tactics, so your thought?
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