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  1. No patch to fix this, no response from the devs. No shit people think the game is dead.
  2. Same, pretty ironic that they release a patch to "improve loading times" which results in players can't load at all.
  3. At least get your facts right
  4. What the hell were you thinking when you were adding a weapon into the game that can one shot people, even if they don't hit you to the head. I guess you wanted to copy BF so bad, you copied its launch and balance issues. Snipers should be rebalanced, if someone is on full health, only a headshot should be lethal. Or leave it as is, but then limit the snipers to 2 per full team and it would be a battlepoint reward. I can already hear "but I want to play sniper, and I should not be limited" Well Tanks and IFVs are also limited, and you don't hear people crying. One hit kill weapons like that are just cheesy and requires no skill whatsoever to use.
  5. db

    Sniper Rifles

    Im pretty sure there is. I just experienced it today with a HK416 and Elcan optic
  6. db


    Finally I can consistently play WW3, and it is great. I liked BF4, and WW3 is basically that, but without the no skill weapons like M82( which can one hit kill you no matter where you get hit), AC 130, Mortar, USAS etc. But I think there could be two little changes that would make the game even better. First, the rounds should be shorter. All of the matches I played, ended when the timer ran out. I think the timer should last 20 minutes, and the required points should also be lowered to 2000 or 2500 points. Second the armor. I think the armor is too effective. Like a Level IIIA armor will have a damage reduction against rifles, while it is only rated up until a 44 magnum, and for example a 5.7 armor penetrator will go straight through. And the LVL IV Steel also has too much damage reduction. Okay the level IV should stop a full powered 7.62 NATO round, but it would still brake some ribs probably. I think the LVL IIIA should have 50% damage reduction for pistols, smgs, shotguns and grenade and no damage reduction for rifles, and the LVL IV Steel armor should have 50% damage reduction for rifles, and 75% against pistols, smgs, shotgun and grenade. Currently heavy armored enemies feel like bullet sponges. Keep up the good work.
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