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  1. Thinner ones when using higher calibers - yeah, some of them. Rest - no.
  2. So I can fully agree about explosives rebalancing. Alongside with shotguns nerf. Oooor SMGs buff to counter them.
  3. Aaaand RPGs need a FULL splash area damage. So if you use them like shotguns at CQB - you risk getting hit by blast too.
  4. Possibly under development.... You can mod ARs to be DMR-like.
  5. Memory leak. Ultra textures should take ~6GB... and on my RX480 they do
  6. Yeaaaah, we need either bigger safe zone area or spawn protection. Or balancing tank counters, so they can REALLY rival customized tanks.
  7. Okay, gonna reply to that. Spawning IS BAD. It deserves a fix ASAP. Team balance on other hand... it needs progression system enabled and a way to sort similarly skilled players matched against each other. Tanks are strong, true. But few well-placed sniper/AR shots on vision systems or electronic systems can force the driver out of tank to fix it. And I already said something about shotguns - you can check my older thread where I suggested few fixes on shotguns. About RPGs, and explosives overall - they are INCONSISTENT!
  8. November - general fixes and patches, new map and gamemode. Announced on r/ww3
  9. imgur link maybe? It would allow for 100% quality and easier download...
  10. Every single one made by Hans Zimmer, most of CoD OSTs...
  11. So, it's me again with yet another video... but as the topic says, it's GMV. As usual, feedback appreciated ;3
  12. I can surely say that both shotties are extremely good up to 40m range. But Vepr-12 is even stronger, because you can spam the absolute hell out of it while still being accurate and deadly. Just put on a long barrel, a grip and a scope. And you'll be fine sniping people. I already did a thread with suggestions - what I came up with was to increase damage dropoff above 20m, maybe increase recoil and spread.
  13. There is nothing wrong with that. Gut shots are effective with ANY weapon. Even pistols.
  14. Re-read your request and then think. Do you really think DICE would allow for copying of their idea?
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