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  1. Funny, I was thinking about this. Open A thread an disscuss this topic. We had a rough start. A lot of drama was created. So ppl always love to complain, so take youre Time. I must say I also got a bit annoyed whit the hitreg that we had in 0.3. Stopped playing for a wail becourse of that. Ife it takes 24-36 months from now. Im good whit it. The only thing that we not need right right now is a V 1.0 Version whit issies like EA Release
  2. im In for this. Im not a fan of Battle Royal, the new mode is something like that. Lets see ive it’s something new and im going to like it
  3. My Idear, I know its cost intensive. Add a Social Score System. People that get muted all the time, will receive a negative Score. So they have to be unmuted manuelly. Ive a person gets muted by several People , Temp Ban then from VOIP. Screaming kids and ppl that make wierd high pitch noices are „filterd“ quite fast. Opt-in is ok for me. It should be disabled by default. Also a ingame VOIP Service could open a Path for personal DDOS Attacks, when not implemented right! Instead of implementing a Ingame VOIP Service that most ppl will rarely ever use, I would rather invest the time and money in optimization on the Netcode ect.
  4. Revive is kinda pointless in Public Games.Teamplay is kinda rare. In BF 3 I often risk my own Live to Revive Players. Some of them just Ignored the possibility to stand up again and save a Ticket.. they rather Spawn forther back, ignore Teamplay as best as possible. So both lives and Tickets lost in the end. I wasnt focused on enemy fire anymore.
  5. ERZ_007

    Loot Boxes?

    Ive seen that picture before. It could be something to do whit a "Meta Game" that they are planning. Very well explained here.
  6. Anti Tank mine kills youre Tank, whit whatever Armor it has whit one blow. Had my Tank upgraded but dosent helped. So its very powerfull at the moment. You bearly can see the Mines, especially ive youre the Tank driver.
  7. ERZ_007

    Loot Boxes?

    God please NO. The Lottery is where EA is. You cant Spell StEAl whitout EA you know!The devs already sad that this game will not have any P2W machanic. MABY ive the Commonity dosen´t rage about it, we will see Microtransactions for skins. The Devs replied
  8. Looking at this Picture you could assume that you only get one bullet, for the hole magazine ?
  9. Left Top Corner P: "PING" You also got there some Network indicators. Yellow one maby is "Lost Packages" Red one maby Lag spike ?!
  10. Snipers are already in a good standing. Buff them further would be horrible! Of course it would be "realistic" ive a Sniper blows everything away whit one Shot. But this is a Game we need Balance. 1.) The game has Large Maps, ive you want to survive you have to stay in Cover all the time. Or a Sniper is going to end it fast. 2.) No Killcam. You could get killed by a Sniper several Times ive he´s is Smart and changes Positions. 3.) TOR seems to kill an Tank also?! https://imgur.com/a/oyUfpKJ 4.) A Headshot form a Sniper is a 100% kill, I died countless times from a Sniper Headshot EVEN whit Maximum Armor.
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