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  1. Mate, it's pure early access. Take a look at patch 0.3. It's a constant progress...
  2. I doubt this game will fit the console market.
  3. I don't have a lot of time to play also but that's not a problem for me to slowly progress through the game. Microtransactions are a bad idea and bring "bad blood" to community. As far as I'm aware all you have to do to earn credits and to buy gear is to play matches. It's not that hard and bad In BF4 you've had to earn i.e. 150kills to earn a good attachment and that sometimes could be tricky. It's not in WW3 ... yet
  4. To be honest since I started to play the game I haven't meet a single cheater ? I guess I should call myself lucky. Infinite loading == hmmm, perhaps the 1st one, once I launch the game is really a long one. The other ones are fine, I'm using a HDD only.
  5. Microtransactions are a bad idea. What for ? You can unlock all stuff by playing. What's next ? Loot cards and/or random loot crates in WW3 ?
  6. I don't think revives are needed. We have medpacks and they do quite well IMO.
  7. Server browser would be very nice (ideally the way BF4 had it with "loadout" options please). From time to time I'm hitting an empty server and nobody joins, have to bail-out. I've never managed to play a 64 player game so we could have those maps "topped up" nicely and join the largest battles.
  8. AMD FX8370 4.5 Ghz GTX1070ti 16GB RAM Works quite well, could be better... most on Medium, AA on low textures on high. Still I've shifted to play through GeForce Experience and it works perfectly well so no issues any more.
  9. "The best weakness realistically for the tanks would be the tracks." -- or an fgm148 Javelin launcher ?
  10. Ok, so now I get it why all started to work on Ultra smoothly :))) lol I've never used GeForce experience till today. Cheers.
  11. I see a huge improvement on my side. Finally I was able to play on all set to high except textures on Ultra and antialiasing on Medium. Getting between 90 - 75fps which is not bad for my platform AMDFX-8370 4,3GHZ, GTX 970, 16GB RAM Good work! On a side note - before the patch the game was barely playable on low settings.
  12. People need to chill a bit. It's an early access game and everyone that bought it accepted it's state willingly. No one said it's a finished product. So what's the big deal ? Play or wait for updates & comms from DEVs.
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