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  1. ^^ topic! add a revive system and allow squadleader to spawn on any squadmember. or dont make it and lose more and more players.. you already own our money so you can give a shit about!
  2. is performance now better? those lags just killed the game for me atm
  3. its a filter like you use on instagram, afaik it doesnt use any fps, surely some of your ressources (ram/cpu) but nothing more. Even Unreal4 Engine is so powerful, would suggest to wait until next performance patch
  4. the way pubg armor stats are displayed would be nice yep +1
  5. yo! imo what this game needs asap are platoons and/or clantags (afaik there is only way to add a clantag by renaming on steam) clantags are nice, our clan is mainly bf and we also want to show our "skills" in ww3. some extra menue for clanmanagement would be overkill platoons would be nice to archive some extra reputation just by working as a squad (not based on points per round etc) - only by working together as intended
  6. yo! what about a (new) game modes? my ideas: - one team has a base to defend, other team has to rush them and take over the base - the frontline mode from bf1 (best mode in bf1 imo) - some stealth aspect focused game mode (infiltration without getting spotted, focus on melee kills and avoiding noise) taking out special targets - blowing up certain (for defending team not declared) spots in a base (complex) (high value targets) - pure infantry based mode
  7. yo! refering to my playstyle there are more sidearms (incl. mini shotguns) and gadgets needed (tripwires, detectors, claymores, mines)
  8. nope! keep it! some of you just need to learn how to play! it is not battlefield, where u can spray and pray - thats good the way it is. nadespam & full-auto spray can kill mates too so watch your fire.
  9. as i wrote: sniping needs to have more skill (bullet drop, wind, stability, bullet velocity, etc)
  10. This needs to be added asap. a shooter without the possibility to revive wounded mates lacks teamwork and playfun. try to add a buddy revive system like in pubg or bf5, in case the downed mate gets a headshot or got melee killed there isnt a way to revive but for all other should be possible. its also an idea that once you got revived you cant get full life anymore (100hp) and you can be revived only once per life (prevent medic trains)
  11. as far as i can assume, snipers dont have any bulletdrop (yet) - is bad imo and needs to be changed. sniping must require skills otherwise we get another bf1-perma-camping-and-sniping-bullshitgame. Scopes suck - i cant handle these pseudo scopes, needs an option to change the style of the crosshair. only bipod-ed sniping should be accurate / while standing works but is worse.
  12. do have grips special attributes? i only see difference in weight but nothing else.. also why cant have pistols a surpressor? im kind of supersilenced soldier style.. will be there an option to set clan logos and also clan tags?
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