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    AMA Questions Thread

    Will we have midround loadout editors? and is there any plans to implement ribbons to make the game feel more rewarding? like resupply teammates 10x and you get like a ribbon for it, similar to Battlefield 3/4?
  2. even in that context it still is a standard amount of render option every game on PC should have. there's still a few settings that could be implemented in the future. Anisotropic Filtering (not sure about this one since TAA already somewhat does this but in lesser quality) Terrain Quality (self-explanatory) Terrain Decoration (self-explanatory) Tesselation (not sure if the game makes use of Tesselation if it does, then here you go, would be amazing to see tesselation on terrain, especially in forests) Shadow Distance (self-explanatory) Shadow Smoothing/Soft Shadows (soft shadows, AMD CHS, Nvidia PCSS) and if you want to go beyond the standard, they could always add settings that go beyond what the average PC could obtain, for example, do what GTA V did, with extended View Distance, for PCs that could handle the graphical setting.
  3. the render options are pretty standard in my opinion if you want to see what good render options looks like, take a look at Ghost Recon Wildlands render options, it gives you a description of what each setting does, and provides a great visual example of how a setting could affect your game and gives you a comparison image.
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): Minimap pointed in the wrong direction. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3417404 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Play the game. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): N/A CRASH LOG (if any): N/A
  5. its fine the way it is, points are rewarded to players that play the objective, whether they have more kills than deaths or less kills more deaths, if they heal, provide ammo, provide cover, provide assistance, capture objectives, they deserve the top of the leaderboard, the game focuses on teamwork, rather than K/D ratios, and TDM is not really the focus of the game.
  6. I think giving large caliber sniper rifles like the TOR a more specific role would be a good way to separate it from the rest of the rifles, make the TOR more of what it actually is which is an anti-material sniper rifle, decrease the ammo pool to like 1-3mags, and make it a prone/bipod only usable weapon, that is more aimed at taking out medium sized armored vehicles, penetrating moderately thick walls, destroying weak points of a tank, taking out explosives at long distances, destroying enemy equipment.
  7. I agree with @Renu on this, DICE's sound design and the sound engine is an amazing example of how audio in video games is done right, it was pretty much one of the many things that make me come back to Battlefield 4 even after 800hrs, the audio design was so spot on that I felt so immersed, I know the audio isn't realistic, real-life gun sounds probably didn't sound as cinematic like it was on BF4, but that was pretty much why I always come back to it, realism is not always good and fun, its boring and its bland, If I wanted to hear real guns fire, I'd visit a shooting gallery, or watch a documentary.
  8. any chance we could get MSAA/SMAA somewhere down the line? FXAA and TAA blur the game too much, especially at longer distances, and while I understand that FXAA and TAA are both less taxing on the hardware, having the MSAA/SMAA as an option would be pretty great.
  9. I love how almost everyone is immediately getting triggered because they think your video is somewhat mocking the game lol. everyone chill out, its a joke, the game is buggy, and that's expected from an Early Access game, especially from the PTE.
  10. Cross-platform gameplay with PC and consoles don't really work, as it was found in Gears of War 4 that PC players dominate pretty much everyone playing using consoles (it's not impossible to be good with a controller, but for your average player it can be an issue), cross-platform between PS4 and Xbox though is a more feasible option. And as for porting the game to consoles, I'm not opposed to that, I'm actually for it, because the way I see it, more players playing WW3 the better, its better for the community, and better for FARM51, but I do agree on their stance ATM, port it if its only a success at launch.
  11. Yeah, but at that point, you're so vulnerable to gunfire, it's not even worth it, air vehicles are just too fragile for this type of game, tanks and APCs are already fragile without infantry support, what more if helicopters were added into the game. I also dislike the idea of adding Heat-seeking missiles to the game, because of its shoot and forget nature.
  12. I don't like it, maybe small attack helicopters like the AH-6 Little Bird could be considered, but even so, they would be too fragile to gunfire, because if they do add attack helicopters, all I can think of is a pilot camping high in the air (far enough to the point that it can't be hit by ordinary rifles), and his/her partner in the gunner just farming kills, only landing to re-arm.
  13. Are there any plans for an in-match loadout editor, so that we can swap out attachments and, select different weapons on the fly?
  14. I agree, while I have little to no issues, the developers' lack of communication is causing more issues than its solving, the lack of communication will only become a tool for those that already oppose them.
  15. I'm guessing its the fact that both of his Team, Squad members, and squad leader, are a similar shade of green.
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