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  1. Yeah, everything should be up to date. Im checking GPU drivers almost daily. And it works with every other game including desktop. This becomes more interesting.
  2. Ah... I actually figured it out how it happened.. It took me another match in the next day, when I accidentally shot some teammate in the head, and he punished me. Then I saw the killfeed and what it looks like when punished. I managed to miss it the first time. So me and my team were pretty much spawnraped for a while when I got my tank. I managed to push enemy away from our spawn, but in the process, I ran over him accidentally. I guess he got quite mad and punished me.. So that section was inaccurate. Sorry.
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: When in game I try to record with Shadowplay, it completely blocks it. GAME BUILD ID: 3239979 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: 1. Start game (main menu/loadingscreens are enough) 2. Start recording manually, or press recording buttons with Shadowplay 3. Immediately tells that "Clip was saved", though there isnt any clips in the rec folder.
  4. Several hours behind and these points are frustrating as playing in vechiles IMO. - Sniper rifles can blow up your Leopard/T72... Since when has that been possible, considering that thick armors tanks have nowdays? The one which blew up my tank, wasnt even the .50cal one. - I finally got a really modded T72 to play with! Cost over 5000 battlepoints to get that. Well, some douchebag teammate wanted that for himself, so he decided to teamkill me while I was driving it, and he took it. Friendly fire off while in tank or make it impossible to TK someone inside vechile? I have absolutely no idea how he did it though..
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