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  1. My main problem with both camouflages is that the ingame depictions of them look horribly off. Both the colors and the patterns look inspired by the real ones at best.
  2. @Marg Unfortuantely you can't make anything close to an AK-74 or 105. The closest thing you can get right now is the Beryl, but that's also chambered in 7.62 instead of 5.45. The Beryl also gives you no options for body parts and none of the parts on it are used on the AK-74.
  3. In my opinion, the MG3 would be a nice gun to have ingame. I know we already got its successor, the MG5, but several European armies (including Germany) still use the MG3 on a regular basis. There are also some options for updated body parts on it: I'd also like to see an AK chambered in 5.45mm: AK-74: The "short barrel" attachment would turn it into an AK-105: There are of course plenty of accessories available for them:
  4. I would love to have access to some Russian optics in the game (with appropriate reticles) Some examples: PSO-1: PK-A (just a normal red dot) PK-AS: PK06: OKP-7: They would mostly just give us interesting alternatives to the current, mostly Western, optics lineup. Most of these also have Picatinny/Weaver rail mounts available, which would work better with the weapon modification system in place at the moment.
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