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  1. build : 3250942 slide bug: if i slide into a v shape small wall ie: into the corner of it, it send me up in the air and kills me also me and a round 5 players i know are getting no match end screen sometimes the game crashes and sometimes screen just locks and have to press esc and quite game
  2. same here 98% of the time unable to spawn on squad leader the class owner seem to be able to do it all the time
  3. Build: 3242871 also i don't really know why the devs use 2 .exe to run this game drop it down to one will help low to mid end pc load in faster and use less hardware usage i say 2 .exe but realy there is 3 1: ww3.exe 2: unreal.exe 3: easy anti cheat if you make the first two exe into one that will help player load quicker
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    Hi There I am Vigoroussoul Hope to meet you all in WW3 soon maybe be sooner when i am flanking flags All the best VS
  5. hi there First i would like to say what a good game! I am having so much fun, ww3 has now fully replaced bf for me , ww3 brings back the hype feeling i had in bf2 and 3. Great game by the devs 10 out of 10 from me, i hope to see alot more maps guns and ways to play to come later down the line. They have probley been reported but just in case: Build: 3242871 1: Tank 3rd seat cam lets you see under the map and into other capture points 2: Xp some rounds i get it some i do not untill i restart the game fully some times i got more than i should have 3: Some buildings if you back up to the wall and hold alt you can see throw the walls/buildings 4: Laying down and switching weapon make you stand back up 5: Squad bug - some times if your in squad and someone leaves you can no longer invite people or join one untill you restart your game offtopic that are not bugs: 1: please fix spawns spawning into 3-5 sqauds is not fun Best Regards VS
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