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  1. I don't see how making it so that you get hung up would promote tactical play in any way. In real life you would communicate with your fire team members so you can move past them in these kind of situations, rather than getting hung up wholesale like you both have super magnets in your pockets like tends to happen in games. Let alone blocking a door etc. I also don't think anything can be done preventing people just rushing door corners since there is no risk involved, you die you re spawn. I just think it will help a lot with gameplay smoothness and not causing aggravation because you cant get through a doorway because someone is stopped in it or you can get out of the line of fire because someone is on your hip.
  2. Basically as the title says, i suggest making it so that you no-clip through teammates while moving. Not exactly realistic, but i think it would go a long ways towards helping the gameplay in terms of some of the clunky movement i have experienced. I've always disliked it in Battlefield (the main FPS series i have played before this) that it was so easy to get hung up on a teammate who is stopped in a doorway or following behind you, preventing you from getting to safety. Maybe make it so that there is a animation of your character "dodging" a teammate when running but i just do not like getting blocked by teammates when i am trying to get somewhere.
  3. I think the dot should stay. You can argue realism all you want, but when you actual shoot a firearm you have a general idea of where your weapon is pointing even without actually aiming down the sights. The dot provides this, just so long as it is not super accurate which i have not found it to be so. Without it you have no idea of where your weapon is pointing. A option to remove it would be fine, but i don't think it should be removed wholesale.
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