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  1. How much more does the player count have to drop before you seriously rethink a lot of decisions? If Steam Charts is anything to go by, theres an average of about 130 players each month! I don't want to talk you guys down - I really love this game and I desparately want you to succeed, but its basically dead at this point. The only chance we have for it to gain massive popularity is Gamescom/PAX/E3. The game is fun but it just sucks having more bugs than Battlefield 1 on release. Dedicate time and effort into fixing bugs first and when its stable, generate hype for GamesCom again! I seriously hope you try to build up some hype for Gamescom again. The player count is absolutely horrible and it desperately needs new players. I would not recommend playing it fast and loose again, since that is what killed the game with its original Early Access release. It was a terrible, hot mess that made everyone bail out. Go with slow and steady, fixing and doing a bit of balancing while we wait for new content.
  2. Hi everyone, I'd just like to suggest (as others may have already, but I couldn't find anything) some new mods for the G36. >Original G36 Handguard This is something that should definitely added. The G36 in-game is the revised G36 with the latest handguard and buttstock. I feel like this is really missing, as you can't re-create the charm of the 90s with the original handguard. Some restrictions should apply - such as only allowing the H&K VFG and bipod. Since most bodyparts and mods are cosmetic and therefore down to personal preference, this should really be added too. Besides, you can't really make an SL8 build without the original handguard! >Original G36 Dual optics (HKV - Hauptkampfvisier) Now this really shouldn't need any mentioning. The original G36 dual optics were a pretty cool idea on paper - but in reality, they weren't that great. However, in the 90s, this was a pretty big deal, as you could seemlessly switch between the two. The dual optics rail should replace the option to mount any other scope (much like the SL8 pistol grip locks you out of a Buttstock option). Ingame, much like a secondary sight, you should be able to switch between the two, with the RDS being the default one. Obvious downsides should be a smaller FoV while using either of them when aiming down the sights. Still, it'd be a pretty cool idea anyways. >Bayonet SG2000 Affix your bayonets! The SG2000 is the official bayonet of the G36 and G38. Now, this isn't Vietnam anymore where you'd really put up your bayonets anymore, but the reason the SG2000 was still issued was that officers noticed an increase in (wanted) aggression and the need for a multifunctional tool. The G36 (and G38 for that matter) still have bayonet lugs on their barrels, which I found to be quite interesting. Could replace the melee animation with a (slightly faster) stabbing animation. Hope these will be added as they're all great options for an amazing rifle.
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