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  1. I would suggest what someone else suggested in a different threat: A super heavy weight limit where you can't sprint and can only walk, to punish for carrying a TOR, a rocket launcher and the heaviest armour. Instead of just hitting the Heavy limit and going "welp, might as well carry ALL the heaviest shit".
  2. I don't hope they ever add reviving, it feels different from the other games in it's genre without it.
  3. The G38 is the correct name for the German forces designation for the HK416.
  4. yeah I guess that is true, tried that a couple of times as well. Would be cool if the game perhaps had a way to talk to people nearby, to maybe warn them (idk).
  5. The trick is to watch your fire and not make an accidental I don't know what to do about grenades that friendlies run in to, but besides that. For the OP, the only ways he would be able to kill you is if he cheated, or if he punished you for TK'ing him.
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