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  1. The desert eagle is (to my opinion) not as good as you may think. It's heavy, and the .50 variant is just useless. Ammo cost is too high for almost no pros, plus harsh recoil and low capacity. A .357 variant seems good to me, as it offer the best of the plateform. Still, i think revolvers in general are more interesting, they are still in use today, look at the GIGN from France. Some of them choose to wield a revolver and nothing more. In game it could give you a hard to master pistol, but a beast in his own place.
  2. Greetings. I have two suggestions about the Warmap system: - Supplies. The current system is only based on them, and you can donate one in a zone every 15 seconds. It's way too short to my opinion, so we just need to stay on war map and click on a single button every 15 seconds. It doesn't feel enjoyable to me, i suggest a longer delay between 2 supplies, like 5/10 minutes. - Adding another match option. This way we can chose between a normal gamemode and a "Warmap oriented" gamemode. If we choose the second one, we have to play exclusively with WEST vs EAST teams, and the winning team gain supplies on the map they just played on. If someone else have some suggestions, i'll be happy to see them here !
  3. It's curently on the PTE, you can even add multiple part to your gun before buying it.
  4. It just depend where you hit. Back side of vehicles is the weak spot. Try it out, just try to shoot a tank with the tandem ammo in the back, whatever the preset he have, it's just a one shot, except if he have APS.
  5. I aggree, but here my toughts: Flechettes shouldn't be an addition. In real life they tend to completly destroy your barrel. If you don't see them often outside of video game, it may be the reason. Slugs are cool, but hard to balance. Like, should we have slugs with high penetration ? Because that's not the case in real life. Should they one-shot ? Or not ? If they do, they can feel op as hell, and if not, we will just get something nobody will use. I think having a one shot slug that do little damage to the opponent if you hit the armor/helmet is a must. Balance whise it's a nightmare. Dragon breath slugs are hella cool. But it means they need to implement a lot of things in the game to make it at least realistic. But, choosing different buckshot can be nice tho. Like more or less lead bullets in the shell, so you can have different preset. But i don't see why someone would chose a 12 lead bullet shell if the total damage is the same and/or the range doens't change with it.
  6. No, hell no. I don't want a pea-shooter simulator. It may help balancing, but it also decrease the pleasure of playing the game. I don't see how someone can appreciate spraying an entire magazine to get someone. The TTK feels good for the moment and the gunplay is a lot skill based. A lot of people can't shoot anything else than center mass and feel like it take seconds to kill someone. It just feel like a terrible idea to me. And, it doesn't help being tactical at all. I mean if you're a human behemot that can handle a magazine in your chest, why bothering about intels ? You just have to run around, waiting for someone to shoot, take cover, heal, and just shoot from cover. It may seems slow said like this, but it's almost possible in the current state. Slowing down the overall pace shouldn't be an argument for lowering TTK too. Adding more defensives options instead of offensive one can slow the pace.
  7. British humor as it's finest, never seen so much sarcasm in one post, nice
  8. Hello ! Well, no Famas should be added with the French Army addition... Because they are replacing them with HK-416F since last year (there is still a lot of military with Famas tho, but not for long). I can also imagine seing implementation of guns like the UMP-45 (Okay it's used by some police forces like the BAC since 2014, but still a cool gun). Or even more.... The PGM HECATE II ! A "little" .50 bmg beast ! There is the FR F2 for closer distances tho:
  9. Hello. This topic as the purpose of showing your config and average FPS, so people that don't know if their config is good enough can get a better idea of what to expect /!\ As the game is in early access, optimization is still not perfected. Average FPS may change in the future without changing your configuration /!\
  10. Challenge Accepted The Cobray Terminator, A pure beast, packing one 12 gauge shot, an open bolt going backward, with all pros possible: harsh recoil, innacurate, jam really often, is heavy. The perfect weapon for trolling in the Warzone ! I need this troll weapon
  11. Don't type "battle Royale", it hurt my eyes please More seriously i think it will be longer match with way more teamplay. I hope so
  12. They reduced match duration because community asked it. TDM fits now the role of shorter match, and as they said it as some "shooting range" purpose, to test out guns. If you want shorter TDM match, why not, but asking them longer match after half the community asked the opposite seems useless. They want to add a new gamemode to the game tho, it may be longer than warzone. Who knows (except them, ofc) ? So let's wait and see
  13. This is already implemented in the PTE, update 0.2.2. Also the suggestion was already made Edit:
  14. There is already a thread showing a lot of gun :c Concerning PDW, they probably already know what to implement, or else they would'nt say "PDW are comming folks". Anyway let's see what they gonna add ?
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