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  1. Suggestion: When equipped with a gadget (eg. Medic Kit), team members' request (eg. health) sounds louder than other claims from the same proximity. My logic: You know how when you tune into someone else's conversation when you hear certain words/phrases, and you instantly snap to that? I was wondering whether that would be possible in the game if the volume is increased since the soldier in the game should be more accustomed to assisting in that scenario. Don't know if it works though.
  2. Suggestion: An "I can't hear you" visual icon An icon that shows up when a team member who has voip enabled but, - chose to mute you - doesn't have proximity/squad/team voice chat enabled so anything that you say will not fall into their ears. How: - Have a system of showing visual cues on; who's talking, who has voip enabled/disabled/doesn't have headset or mic - If you have muted someone/squad/team, on the other players' screen it will show that you can't hear them Why: Worried about feature overload and forgoing UX.
  3. The only three I use currently are: UAV Flyeye JAV Reaper Artillery High Explosive My current tactic because I play in less populated Asian servers, is focused on being stealthy, as much a nuisance as possible and infantry focused. Regarding disarming enemy vehicles, I have a loadout with Sniper Rifle and RPG. Since there are fewer experienced players in such servers, that loadout is enough to take out the original vehicles from spawn. Previously when I was in the EU where the servers are more populated I did use other strikes like BOMBING and the LEVIATHAN.
  4. Server: AsiaAge: 25Gender: MLanguage: EnglishWhere are you from: SingaporePlaystyle: Rifle/Shotgun + Sniper Rifle with Light ArmorMicrophone: YesWhat you expect from a team/clan: Occasional GamesHow often do you play: Sporadically (Solo) 2-3 times a week (Clan)Favorite game mode: AnyFavorite map: AnySteam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198005479532/Contact: PM or add me on steam A few words about yourself: Plays FPS to indie to RTS, used to play in EU servers Oct - Nov 2018... now I'm back in Asia so looking for people to play with. Loves to ping optics on armored vehicles with his Tochnost.
  5. ShAK-12. The new bullpup assault rifle that the Russian Spetznaz is getting. Although the effective range for the gun is low (100 meters) and the gun is heavier than an AK-12 (5.2kg)... it makes up for it with a mighty punch! Able to down an enemy with bulletproof vests in urban CQB combat because it uses .50 caliber rounds. Even the US acknowledges it as a "super gun". Link to News Article
  6. Just learned about the ASh-12.7 today... (now under the name of ShAK-12). I think you are the only person on the forum (as far as I know) that have mentioned it. So good on you! XD
  7. Devs are planning to implement a test range though, would that be enough?
  8. Having the option to lock your squad to just your friends may be a better idea. Since you get almost double the points with the leader setting the objectives and clearing them out, I don't see why you wouldn't use it. If you have a particular use scenario, please do enlighten me. I play solo on the servers and I haven't been in a squad where the leader would proactively point out the objectives.
  9. Tis a pleasure to watch and listen...
  10. Here's mine, which was used in a Korean MMORPG "Granado Espada".
  11. I thought they represented satellites or something. Not too sure.
  12. True. Well at least they can use the same asset when they do introduce a DMR.
  13. I don't know which would be a simpler mechanic to understand for the player but how about ... having a slide distance multiplier which is dependant on the weight of the player? So, you can technically slide with the heavy gear... however you can't slide as much as the lighter gear.
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