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  1. I agree with alot of this post. The game is a true definition of a early access. But as for the .50 cal, i was dropping bodies like mad with just chest shots. no matter what they were wearing they would just drop. They completely gave us the gate on Berlin out of fear.
  2. Level 4 ballistic shields. This armor protects against .30–06 caliber armor-piercing bullets with nominal masses of 10.8 g (166 gr.) impacting at a velocity of 868 m/s (2,850 ft/s) or less. It also provides at least single-hit protection against the Level I through III threats. I know the guy said riot shield. But give the dude a break. You know what he meant.
  3. great idea. maybe be modifiable with let's say for example extra extenders, a deployable latch to latch to the ground, flashes in front. A shield is amazing alone but lets be honest, this game is all about customization on top of the choices already.
  4. Now hear me out. Having a set customized uniform that changes depending on your loadout. Example Have a uniform with NO helmet and looks light can be saved to a sniper loadout. Having a uniform with helmet and designed for urban combat can be linked to another loadout. Would allow for uniforms that better fit certain maps and more immersion. Sometimes I want to be a sniper but look like a Juggernaut.
  5. Right now there are 3 defaults and 3 misc ones. which are all customizable at least to me. That means there are 6 total load outs you can customize before the game. Which is a decent number. You can also change the gadget in game. That's my personal opinion and if they can get it where it saves it would be so much better.
  6. Let me ask this. What do people think of a Separate squad of just medics? or SL being the only ones to revive? would also work well to increase the spawn time if this was all implemented by around 5/10 seconds or so.
  7. Statistically the chances in real combat from combat is lowish with a grain of salt, as long as the casualty has a quick reaction on the field and gets med evac. now there is no fast recovery in real life but this is a game and if we wanted even half way realistic game-play ill refer you guys to ARMA 3. I love the game for the extra hard core stlye in a way but i also kinda want to have fun and this WILL encourage slightly more team work. and give another role on the battlefield. Again many things to consider here, for example if u got shot with a 105 mm tank shell the odds of you living even if u got shot in the tow, or even besides you, the shrapnel and concussion would most likely kill you. But most of combat related injurious is a gunshot would or shrapnel wounding you, sometimes unconsciousness. Instead of saying they are "Killed" they could be "unconscious" or "downed but not out". Depending on many factors like what damage they received, how long they are "unconscious" / DbNO, and a few other factors, as well as allow the enemy to "Confirm a kill". If you really think you didn't finish the job you should be able "double tap" to say. Many games disregard this very important concept. This would make medics Think about there own lives more and also think about even if they can make it to you before your a confirmed death. should also be a mechanic for medics to have to check body and see where patient was shot. And for the love of thanos dont make it a instant revive with full health. Make it take time and have a risk of failing.
  8. bruh I've literally almost died a dozen times from the fire. Sometimes can't tell if it's just me running past it or it too close and receiving damage. I have yet to receive any misfires from any weapon thus far so really can't help you there. Literally, have no clue if this will work but have you tried maybe a different scope? different ammo types when you can? Its a long shot but i kind want to see the outcome of this lol.
  9. I think a revive system would be ok and your If statements are a great way of it. NEVER have an instant revive. Depending on the amount of damage received is significant and if the round was let us say a .50 cal would also need to be implemented. Just because you got shot in the leg doesn't mean you can still live it was dealt by a something that massive. I believe with players points it should have a correlation with squads but should not be LOCKED to just squad members, maybe add a small extra time? @Kruzikal
  10. See your point. My idea was to be able to go into mock QCQ areas private with small groups of your group (just for fun and training). Maybe a statistical showcase where you can see the members progress. Ounce the metagame opens up you can show where you want your group to concentrate or hold polls inside your group. Showcase VIPs and join members in progress easily. Maybe have a whiteboard and draw boards of maps the team together could collaborate on strategies. Again ALL of this could be done without a visual area to do so. simple its own menu option in the menus. Would save them time and energy. But it would look more keen to younger gamers and have a visual aspect and a sense to work towards something more than just equipment and personal allocation to the metagame ounce it goes up. Here you could pull resources and decide collectively where it goes. track your progress and how much you've done as a team towards the war compared to other teams as well. I Used to play chromehounds back in the day who had a very similar ISH metagame. and seeing the group I made literally make a deciding factor in the war changed me in that game. We were the 3rd biggest contributors to that war and with 1/3 the player base as other clans. so visual seeing your clans progress would be a positive motivator to keep grinding. again cannot stress how much all of this could be done without a visual area to do so. but is nice (reference GTA and COD). Thanks for your input! @zurox
  11. Bugs me too. Wearing heavy loads and running in full kit is loud as hell but still. just sounds funky.
  12. Boi the brightness on this thing, your gonna blind the entire team.
  13. Me and my Friends MW2 Russian Spetznaz.
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