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  1. Inox

    Toxic chat

    Coming from a sissy that comment of yours is pretty mute.
  2. Inox

    Toxic chat

    Indeed, mate. The funniest to me are the sensitive sallys who take offense very easily, plus they like to play the victim card.
  3. Inox

    A big thanks to the developers!

    Sure, I have tested the PTE and I don't like the fact that they've increased the score income. I'd like to try it without that change. You're overreacting. Keep your drama to yourself. You shouldn't take things personally.
  4. Inox

    A big thanks to the developers!

    Just what we need, more people whining and crying in the forum. Keep your drama to yourself. You may disagree with some changes and if they bother you so much you should express your opinion constructively. Let's not make this forum another one of the bunch, where the most whiny players get what they want. The developers are experimenting and trying to find the necessary balance for all players.
  5. Inox

    Favorite War Movies/Series

    War movies: - Apocalypse Now - Full Metal Jacket They're not really war movies, but they're very good: - Elite Squad - Elite Squad: The Enemy Within
  6. World War 3 without drones would be very unrealistic. https://www.iwm.org.uk/history/a-brief-history-of-drones https://www.iwm.org.uk/history/drones-and-modern-conflict
  7. Inox

    What will make WW3 better (updated)

    That's very true, turn Brightness all the way up (or at least to 85%)
  8. Inox

    WW3 is going battlefiel and COD

    Don't jump to conclusions, mate. Nobody's trying to rush things, there are many priorities that need to be resolved much earlier: Make it possible for anyone who bought the game to play it, fix server issues, bugs and glitches, balance tweaks, progression available, etc. I mean, the game's on EA and it's not even a month old. For sure, "ideal scenario" describes the idea of something that is perfect, and as you can see, there's a long way to go.
  9. Inox

    WW3 is going battlefiel and COD

    That would greatly increase the player base. Keep up the good work!
  10. Inox

    A big thanks to the developers!

    Some of us think that the matches last too long, also I don't like to see so many rage quitters. As the developers said: "it's just an experiment and can be changed in the future". I agree.
  11. Inox

    300 Blackout

    Brace yourselves, the ninjas are coming.
  12. Inox

    so no patch this week?

    You're right. Besides, I don't see a downside, everyone can participate in the PTE and the new patch comes out this month.
  13. Inox

    What will make WW3 better (updated)

    The purpose of the war map is to put together the result of the battles that are played to make a faction win. And for that it's necessary that the players choose a faction, East or West. If your faction wins you will be rewarded for your work each season. Pretty cool metagame if you ask me.