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  1. I don't know yet, because is a incredible situation...I wrote to WW3 support and they said me: "we can't find the problem, write EAC support". So I wrote to EAC support and I have two replies: the first where they said that they needed my complete crash log of the session (that I sent to them) and a second where, after (maybe I suppose) analyzing it, they wrote: "we can't analyze your log, write to WW3 support". This situation is unrealistic! Who I've to talk with? I can't solve the problem from myself. I'll try the last time to control what you said, with others antiviruses.
  2. Hi, first I wrote to WW3 support, for second i wrote to Easy support, but I'm waiting from 2 weeks now... I've already follow the steps above, but maybe there is another process in conflict, but without Easy help I can't know which is the problem
  3. Nothing yet...disabling MSI (in my case) motherboard process nothing happened...I'm very frustrated
  4. Nothing yet, I've tried this solution for first but doesn't work. I think is a program recognised as hazardous from anticheat. Did you all have experiences about these conflicts? I know for sure that all RGB programs are problematic, ASUS Aura for first.
  5. I tried everything, also to repair the game, reinstall it and I already wrote to the support 2 or more weeks ago. No reply from them. I sent my registered game log
  6. I know ? in fact I disabled all third part programs, like Roccat Swarm for the mouse, ASUS Aura (most common conflictual program), iCUE for keyboard...I've only steam and the game in the services...I don't know what's the problem. I really hope in a reply from the support. Also cold-reeboting the situation doesn't go better. I can start the game e the menu, but entering in the server the game freeze and the message of error appears.
  7. Yes, absolutely, but I had no problem
  8. Maybe is only my problem, but this anticheat is the worst I've ever seen...I mean, not for cheaters presence (I don't know if there are in this game yet) but because makes the game UNPLAYABLE! I've 8h of game, bought on day 1 but NO 1 GAME. I read all treads about it and regarding confilcts with other programs, but I can't solve...I wrote also at their support sending my crash log (code "GAME SECURITY VIOLATION #000001"), but I'm waiting from a 2 weeks now, no reply. I'm worried about but I think this is not a good way to manage the situation. Someone else had this problem? Solved? How? I'm very very disappointed for now....
  9. I've already fill the form on their support page...I'm waiting a reply by 3 days now. When they'll write me I post here.
  10. SYSTEM SPECS: Win 10 64 Bit MSI Z270 i56600k 4.5 Ghz 16 GB DDR4 3600 Ram Asus GTX 1080 SSD Sata 250 GB Kingston HDD 2TB Seagate 7200 Rpm The game still crash, I tried to reinstall it but nothing. I uninstalled also all Asus gaming software with Aura software and MSI Mystic Light too. The game still crash on map loadout with this error: I don't know which software can cause this anymore. I've 4 hours of game time in total, all in loading and crash screens. CRASH REPORT [CrashReportClient] bHideLogFilesOption=false bIsAllowedToCloseWithoutSending=true CrashConfigPurgeDays=2
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