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  1. Are you always going to extract the new TDM maps from the Warzone or will there be some exclusive TDM originals, 'cause I belive it would be awsome if you made at least one TDM original map maybe like some industrial complex, i.e. is there a possibility for a TDM only map?
  2. Make your game like a japanesse garden were everything is minimalistic and logical. Perfect symmetry of fluent gameplay and real life locations. Players aren't going anywhere, locations aren't going anywhere. Players will eventualy come to play the new maps you add and the game core and its performance will act as a bridge in between those two. So I say, build us a strong bridge first and decorate the garden later.
  3. Just a concept idea to spice up the currently plain "kills only" deathmatch mode. Maybe a little too much for a realistic tendencies of WW3 but after all, it is still a game and we need something different than countless other FPS to this date.
  4. Fractions are infected with a virus that blurs vision, affects aim and movement. Randomly spawn medicine boxes contain the temporary cure. Yellow will improve your vision, red will stop your hands from shaking, resulting in a better aim, and green will make you move faster. Get all three and you'll be as good as new. One dose lasts only for one minute. You can only carry three boxes at a time. If killed, you respawn with nothing in the exact medical condition of your enemy at the moment he eliminated you. More kills wins.
  5. Fractions are placing small geo positioning beacons on multiple green or yellow areas specified on the map. Green area for you only, red for your rivals and yellow for both. Players can go for designated area or/and camp the enemy's one. Fraction that has more beacons placed and keeps them undestroyed for longer time wins the round.
  6. Fractions search for each others main base location encrypted on randomly spawned golden data discs across the map to upload it to their main base. Each player has a laptop for uploading. If you kill someone before he uploads the data you can steal his disk. First fraction that gets 100 discs decripts the enemies main base location and bombs it.
  7. 1. Maybe time and/or distance limit drone flight contol to 13 sec. and/or 100m. If players are close enough and skillful this period will be more than enough to eliminate enemies. After that period or distance, if not distroyed by the enemy fire, drone just falls on the ground. Enemy solders can pick it up, hack it and send it back with a kind (of explosive) regards. Everybody would play this, it would be fun. 2. Maybe you could make it possible to swap short distance sights for long distance optics and vice versa to make fights more flexible. In other words to add small in game gun modification. 3. Maybe add smoke cover for tanks so they wouldn't be such an easy target for other tanks or anti tank wapons. Tank rushing out from a cloud of smoke, now that would be a scene ! 4. Maybe you could add a new game mode: Data War where teams look for randomly spawn data discs across the map. One laptop per team to upload collected data. If enemy team gets your laptop they corupt your data and you have to start all over again. First team that collects and uploads all data wins the round.Now that would be some intense shooting / hacking experince. 5. Maybe prevent enemy players from camping at respawn sites by introducing areas with green toxic gas. New players spawn there with gas masks on and cannot be seen inside these areas but can only stay in for 15 sec. due to filter contamination. Enough time for them to eliminate a nearby threat but not enough to take it to their advantage. Players automaticaly dispose this gas mask after they exit the cloud and cannot put it back on.
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