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  1. I don't want to tear down ur hopes but even i started to be pesimistic about this game i'm still trying to hope this game will be much better than currently
  2. if you find me quad in the middle of game than i'll get u a beer. Where am i asking for this?? I only say "i regret that..."
  3. i disagree, i don't feel this whole flying in a rc bot. I hoped earlier i could spawn a real chopper, hop into, fly around and shoot just like with tanks and LAVs.
  4. F51 didn't implement jets - ok, F51 didn't implement real helis only rc shit - not so good, F51 will implement boats? (Both attack and transport) - if not i'm gonna get very sceptical about this game....
  5. sorry, my bad. My point was that more EU maps - also more Germany, France, Italy, Greece Greece - yes, costal defence and naval warfare. I'd love to see some naval warfare - not RC shit like heli
  6. This is european game so i hoped for more EU maps, like Gdynia/Gdansk (naval warfare maybe?), Stettin or Krakow or maybe Mazury (flatlands for armoured warfare :P). I really hope after Asia we will return to battle for EU cities. I played dozens of hours in BF4 so i'm a little fed up with Asia (no offence to anyone from Asia )
  7. Are there any plans on adding more european maps?
  8. Gameplay - most of the time it's walking and looking for enemy, rarely happens when game is dynamique, very often there're ~10-12 players on server. If there were more transport vehicles ariving at specific flag would be quicker, though more shooting and more intresting gameplay and more players. You may think this is irrevelant but think what will happen with bf if not vehicles availibility. You know, comm rose which is easy to learn by pressing one or two times comm button. Huge part of game is simple communication but it's impossible with this thing. Why do you want me to play Rainbow Six when i don't want to play it? 500 Bp - you know, there're in game also weaker players than you in which case 500 bp may be a lot to spent for something which can be used only for couple seconds - totally not worth it. What exactly distracts you from real in game? Something which blows up far, far away? I'mnot writing about total war shots and bombs every second, i'm talking about something like it was in CoD2 (if you remember). Also those war sounds will mute itself when entering into building.
  9. Yea, writing down or trying to memorize dozens of number cominations to launch specific voice comm....still laughing, dude i've better things to do than learning number combinations. I played multiple times and for now it's very rarely used - why? Cuz there are too many off them. For what purpose? If ppl want to have more communication between them, they use specific programs to communicate via microphone. 2) I've never seen player pressing auto-destruct vehicle - it should be AUTOMATIC cuz players are unfortunetly...they're who they're. I noticed many times where quad is taken to another end of map and stays there until end.
  10. I was wondering where to put this topic to avoid its disappearnce. Anyway, after some hours of gameplay there are still some things which bothers me. Although, fps is more stable than before but still problem of this game is that gameplay is really slow and dull that won't attract more players. 1) gameplay - after some time playing map gameplay gets really slow and kinda boring after all vehicles are use, especially when enemy team caputers all flags and i have to walk all way to nearest flag. Maps are not very big but also not too small. Fix for this IMO - more transport vehicles like quads, buggies and armoured cars with LMG and implement autodestroy when not used - i've NEVER seen what player is donating his/her points to spawn quad. I wrote about his in the beginning but seems no one cares - gameplay should be more dynamiqe and by that it'll be more intresting = more players. I'm still for idea to put ONE default IFV on each sides which will respawn after destroyed every time - again for gameplay dynamique. 2) Voice communication tree - this looks like a joke...really. Imagine this - Your're in the middle of action and you search for command for support or any other comm. This should be simplified to single tree. Yes/No, Need backup/support/medic/ammo, Enemy spotted, Taunt, Go Go Go! Should be simple as that. (Why i can't use chat box while being alive? Should be available also to communicate with teammates) 3) Envoirment sounds - cool addon with explosions and shooting in background to feel more like on battlefield I think i know what Dev will respond, just please take this into consideration at least. Yes, some stuff which i wrote looks like comes from BF franchise but if something work it's worth trying this. Look how many players are still online there
  11. I've little sugestion about transport vehicles, make them autodestruct after not being used for some time. It sonetimes hard to get to some point quickly when one person uses it to move somewhere and quad stays far away. Waiting for someone to destroy is pointless. Maybe more transport vehicles like armoured car with mg on top?
  12. I think it's time to make a little my pc upgrade. I think about buying another RAM piece 1x 8GB (1600). Do you think giving extra ram will make my game more playable and decrease stutters? (Intel core i5 4690, AMD Graphic R9 200 series 3GB vram, 8GB ram)
  13. Nope, doesn't work. Still same, if i remember correctly, some of players reported same issue, unfortunetly i couldn't find their report.
  14. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): Very, very low texture resolution on Medium texture setting.....i waited for many minutes there for refresh but they 're still the same. I tried to decrease/increase my game resolution - no effect. Change into frameless window, window, full res...stil no effect. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3511736 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): Sapphire Radeon R9 280, Procesor: Iintel Core i5 4690, 8GB RAM 1333, Windows 7 Home Premium. What's intresting, game runs fluently without any hiccups even during heavy fire on medium. When i turn to High textures games stutters and makes game unplayable. Even with super-duper ini file (which btw makes stutters even worse) CRASH LOG (if any): I don't need super 99999k ultra-duper resolution and textures....this looks disgusting :X even for me. Please fix it ASAP my eyes are gonna blow PS. On Smolensk game runs fine on High texture settings
  15. ok, but what about players who's suffering ultra stuttering? What about game performance? Devs promised performance improvement in 0.3 but still nothing is improved. Still dozens of ppl can't play bcuz of lags. No info 'bout that.
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