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  1. So Saw a glitcher today, I'm interested to know what the devs are planing on doing to make sure they stay out from the game and how the community can report them to you and how fast will you act against them? For my own future reference today's cheater was https://steamcommunity.com/id/officialpitah
  2. Well you get good and play the game without them. I really don't see what the problem is. The dev team has already shown good skill when modeling the scopes and I don't see why they would not find a nice solution to the nw and flir scopes so that they wouldn't become game breakers but more tools that you can use if you need them.
  3. Well you don't need to use them if you don't want to... or did I miss something here?
  4. well it is kinda pointless as there are no penalties for taking as much stuff as you wish so to that extend it is pointless.
  5. So Seems the assets are turning into a tk rape when certain people are gunning for any available or dropped asset there is. I vote that we should add a system in place where the dropped assets are locked down for the person who drops them and then he can either open it for everyone or just for his squad. The asset lock down option needs to be somewhere else than inside the actual asset so that it can be changed anywhere if needed or wanted. This would remove the unnecessary team killing and move people back to the fight where they should be.
  6. And why would we not want night vision or flir for the infantry? Thinking that the battle is happening in the future and soldiers are more and more equipped with sensors and optics that relay and give information about the battlefield and you don't want more optics. Why?
  7. No! Friendly fire should be always on and I would go further and make the anti-tank mines to be triggered by anything.
  8. I would like to see choppers in the game but I see the problems with them as well. The idea that it would be an AI driven chopper where you can be the gunner would be interesting as an asset. Also depending on the chopper it could work also as a spawn point.
  9. RPG isn't a thing against infantry that's why launchers, also it could be done giving a choice of getting either the pocket grenades or the launcher thus not adding to the amount of explosives you carry. I know the assault rifles have decent amount of mags but others should have them also. Back bags are not essential, well they are but not in combat, they are ditched when the fighting starts and collected afterwards and if you do not know why I will call you for a field test. No one runs around with the extra clothing, sleeping bag etc what the backpack holds, it's not something where you store ammunition, they are all placed in the combat west with other essential items that you want have in combat. Also a good combat knife has an "bayonet option" because they really are useful when assaulting. Also do tell me why would not you want more scopes, having a main low-lite scope and a secondary holosight I really really useful, and better yet there is a real way to use a low-lite with the main score as well thus giving you a magnification.
  10. On the gun side I would like to see low-lite scopes, more variety to the magazine sizes, maybe a bayonet to poke things, green lasers. Then naturally under the barrel grenade launcher with smoke or grenades. On visuals just more clothes but I would really really want to get rid of the backpack.
  11. Hello I wanna toss my few ideas around as well like others have. I have played the game 16 hours according to steam and around that time about ten matches. In general I do like the game but it has it's own little flaws I would love to see fixed or changed so I will be covering those ideas in this and add some suggestions what would be nice in the game. General game play The weight systems, this needs a fix. It is not consistent at the moment and it favors "taking everything I can". What I mean by this is that it really doesn't pay off to reduce armor or to take a smaller weapon with you as there is no maximum weight the soldier can carry. To put this into perspective a soldier in the game can have a tor (~40kg + equipment and ammo), mg5 (31kg + equipment and ammo), maximum armor (helmet 5kg + plates ~5kg), vest or combat harness (2kg - 10kg) and then he can pick 2 anti-tank mines (each 10kg). So this totals to 100kg to 110kg of extra weight to carry. I hope you can see why this needs a small tweak. Damage done by weapons. I will not say this for a fact but I feel there are some inconsistencies with them. Also the seems to favor shoot to the legs and gut for full damage while shooting the head or center torso seems to be a bit pointless at the moment cause the armor negates the damage. As there are no stamina system in place I have no ideas for the torso shots but the head shots should disorient the enemy player. If someone ask why I can come and demonstrate it to you with a baseball bat ?. Then we have certain ammo that just should kill stuff. Hitting someone in the heat with a 12,7mm (to americans .50cal) ammo should just kill you. Doesn't matter if it comes from a sniper rifle or a heavy machine gun. I know this is annoying balance wise but it's more irritating that a smaller caliber weapon kills you and you know that you could most likely survive that. Also I know this is not real life but as the game is trying to model stuff based in real life then something things just should be as they are and the devs should find another way to balance them. Assets, I love these I mean I really really do but I can't figure out the cost of them also some things are broken. Some are way too expensive compared what you get. Lets take an example out of the hellstrike missile, 7500 points for one missile. Well you can guide it but that's it. So i would like to see a tweak in the assets cost. On the broken side I have noticed that if you choose 2 of the same ammunition type you will not get more ammo as you would expect to get. The grenade launcher needs a different "crosshair" or something, it's annoying to use cause of the fire arch and you cannot actually aim where you want the grenades to land, not saying the arc needs a change just the way how to aim the weapon, generally a different target figure (crosshair) has been used on these types of weapons. Visuals and loadouts Item weighs, some are not correct like a mag of 20 bullets weigh the same as a mag of 30 bullets. Some handguards weight clearly the same as smaller ones and they do not add weight to the weapon. Lasers and flashlights, why cannot I turn one or the other on, I don't want to use both always at the same time and this would be a really really nice thing to have so I could but only one of from the combo unit. stocks, why isn't there an option "no stock", you might not need it in certain loudouts. The backpack, could we have an option not to have it on. I would go beyond this by making it an item required to have it with you to have certain items with you or to increase your carrying capacity but for starts could we just have an option not to have it on. Gasmask should be allowed to use with a helmet. Suggestions More weapons, a lot more with lots of customization options. Ballistic shields but no riot shields and they need to have a weights if added. Visual configs should make an impact on the weight of the soldier. Cap weights a lot less than a specnaz helmet with visor. Ability to tie certain visuals to certain loadouts. Yes I want to have a rambo model with me when I feel cocky. With respect Krake
  12. This one then, it's still prototype Barrett XM109, 25mm anti-materiel rifle
  13. No riot shields, they do not give any ballistic protection against firearms. I'm ok if they would model real ballistic protection shields but then I would also want to see some speed restrictions as the big ones against large caliber weapons are really really heavy and the light ones do not offer protection against higher caliber weapons. Also none of them are see trough, the "big one" does have a view port but that's it.
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