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  1. Large WZ maps are gone for now. But when do you expect them to come back?. i really miss them ?. Also are there already large versions of the newer maps (Smolensk & Polyarny) waiting for the right time to release? Will you consider adding more weapon customization options such as Upper rail attachments (lasers, front irons for dual witness etc...) it would be cool. Also to choose where attachments placement on each side? (EFT style).
  2. After playing the game for two weeks after a long break. From gameplay perspective my feedback is this: Hipfire is KING!. its even better than all short range red dots or holos and has superior accuracy and spread (minus the aiming animation time. you are dead before finishing it ?) . It's effectiveness extends even for near mid ranges. i can just snap head shots faster with it than aiming. Speaking of headshots, I don't know but does anyone feel that the head hitbox is now huge? everyone is scoring headshots now. And don't even get me stared on snipers ? Due to the above, I found leaning corners is now less effective than the previous versions (Please shoot my big bubble head). players now just rush corners with hipfire glory and clear squads so fast. Also about the increased TTK, I don't mind it for body shots based on armor level . But not for headshots ?!. headshot TTK should not take longer that what it was. it's sucks . it was fine in earlier versions. Trade kills. Coming from earlier versions it was so rare. but now its too often. sometimes its even 2-3 times in a row. is it due to updated hitreg code? or is it server lag? i have no idea but i surely didn't like it ? TBH i don't know if this is all intended by the devs or not. But my guess is that TTK is still under monitor.
  3. I came back to the game today after a long break. The 0.6 announcement got me interested to see whats new. And I have to say that I'm having a blast ? the game performance wise is doing well for me. the gameplay is intense and fun. Also happy to see the players numbers increase after the patch I hope it attracts more playerbase to experience this games unique feel. My only feedback so far is. Server Browser filters doesn't save when exiting and re-entering the Server Browser again.
  4. Got the connnecting to ww3 network after a game in the new map with borreh. they should already know about it. Graphics card melting.... ?
  5. OMG i laughed with tears ????. the best part is when you jumped out of the tank and it stoped spening. then when you got back in it continued ???
  6. Anyone who say the guns has too much recoil really needs to learn how to control it. It is not that much honestly. The last shooter i played before ww3 was bo4 and boy the recoil took me by surprise at first ? but then i just tried to adapt and learned it in about a day or so. It actually added more depth to the gunplay. really fun and well balanced IMO.
  7. i7 8700k Turbo clocked @ 4.7hz (4.3hz in game) MSI Z370 SLI Plus ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1080 Ti OC 11GB VRAM Corsair Vengeance 16GB RAM DDR4 3200Mhz SAMSUNG EVO 860 SSD Monitor is ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q G-Sync 1440p @ 165Hz All ultra but V-sync is off and 165 frames limit. I get between 120 to 75 in full servers. but fps is still jumpy IMO with too much ram utilization.
  8. Look down while you are running. You will see your "Gun Model".
  9. Out of the survival games genre, these types of game mechanics doesn't work well. especially in a competitive game like this.
  10. May be not a bug. But something I found in customization. The AN/PEQ - 15 laser placement is incorrect. its always near the hand grip, which is uncomfortable to use (unrealistic). On short handguards, it should be placed on the upper rail. On long handguards, it should be placed forward away from the grip. (or also the upper rail) thanks
  11. I was going to write about Match Length only. But every time i find myself talking about Match Rules and Matchmaking too. These three are linked together and affect each other so much that if i want to talk about one of them I can't ignore how is it heavily affected by the others. Take this scenario for example: 1. Matchmaking is pushing players to servers based on a certain algorithm. Which from my experience doesn't give priority to fill low player count servers first -especially large ones for a some reason. but if it didn't find matching servers, it will send you to a fresh empty server. (or an abandoned one with 20 min left). 2. The 40 min counter will start anyway at whatever player count or team balance there is. players will just play the map 2v2, 3v3 or even 3v0... 3. At some point -usually bellow 30 min or even at 16 min remaining, Matchmaking will start populating the map rapidly. Where 80% of the players in the score board will only play for 15 min or so, in a probably dominated match. This is literally describes my daily experience most of the time. Whats wrong with this? 1. 50, 45 min or even 40 min matches. Its so rare for anyone to experience a full match to even judge the full length experience. unless you join an empty server and stay there hoping for Matchmaking mercy. Hence the current community match length debate. Players will demand for 60 min matches to experience a full 45 min. 2. Even if the devs implement Match Starting Rules today, it simply wont work. Lets say a rule has been implemented, where there must be a minimum of 4 players in each team to start a match. Who will join a fresh server and stay there doing nothing, waiting for Matchmaking to start sending players to him?. And for those players who joined, are they going to wait for others? or just leave?. It just simply wont work. Because it doesn't make sense under the current system. 3. I feel that the Matchmaking system's current behavior is treating Medium and Large maps based on how many players are in the server to the server's max player count ratio. Which means if 5 players joined a 30 player server, it will be considered more populated than 5 players in a 40 player server. so it will mostly prioritize the Medium maps over Large ones most of the time as it is now. (Hope the devs confirm or deny if I'm wrong). Sorry for the long post. But this is what I believe is one of the games issues that I hope the Devs will have a deeper look at. As it is really degrading form the experience right now.
  12. This is only a simplified filter to choose between Warzone or TDM when using quick join. What the OP is requesting is more comprehensive. The one in the PTE is a good start though. adding more options such as: Large, Medium, Not Empty etc.... will make it really helpful.
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