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  1. Sorry man, but did you just read what you wrote? I never asked for realism, if I want more realism I'll play tarkov or squad. You said realism earlier and I just responded. Still about the .50 I will always think it should be 1 shot headshots. Don't agree with me? No my problem opinions can be different. And what the fuck? Mínimap? I never said anything about Mínimap, I said that it's difficult to order and attack or defense because of the overlap of informations and the distance. Making a command wheel would improve QoL. And the other thing I said is that it would be cool if they made it more apparent the players asking for stuff because some people just have trouble paying attention, again QoL (quality of life). Dude I understand you like the game and want to "protect" it. I like it too, but I want to see it even better, lol. Just don't go putting words in my mouth or saying stuff like it was said by me, read think about it, read it again if you must, then write your reply, then read your reply to check if it's ok, then you post it, lol...
  2. It's a .50 cal, it's meant to destroy armored vehicles, you really think a helmet can resist that? that's not realism, sorry. Giving more stuff to best squads, making points only from capturing and defending and excluding non objective kill points, also punishing AWOLs would not break the game's balance. It would improve the quality of every match. I mean, you can snipe and LMG camp all day, as long as you are killing players from SL's orders, either defending or attacking. Sometimes you are far away from the objective you want to order your squad to attack/defend, also, they could make requesting players blink or something like that because it seems players are not paying much attention when it comes to requests, making it more obvious at least tries to help the ones who want to help but have difficulty paying attention, some people have trouble focusing on multiple things. QoL.
  3. Yeah, body shots are insane, I've been using the vepr 12 and, bro... 1-2 shots at the most to kill someone around 50m. Haha, try it later if you can.
  4. When I said that the armor system is broken I meant the percentage thing that it's in the game. armor should work differently against different types of ammo, also, a helmet absorbing 100% damage of a shot, any shot, any caliber, is not good at all, I don't even mean realistic, because this game is far from realism, I mean broken. It should never absorb 100% of the damage depending on the caliber of the bullet lol. About plates, there is also blunt damage that is taken when you get shot, ribs get broken and even organs can get damaged by the impact itself. So... reducing damage using percentage system is completely wrong (not to say dumb, sorry devs).
  5. lowering the recoil lowers the TTK, hahaha... TTK = time to kill, I think you confused with BTK (bullets to kill).
  6. Cool, would like to see your post when you make it, if you can send it to me. Also, would very much appreciate if you mention me, haha. Just for "epeen credits" purposes, kek. About the capture points, I think it's been a player issue more than a game mechanic issue, they don't set up defenses, I mean one squad have 5 man, 1 LMG, 1 well placed sniper, 2 RPGs and if possible call in vehicles, you can hold a position for a long time and sum a great deal of points. But players doesn't seem to realize that. I really like the attacker/defender approach they made in this game, but like I said. Players, squads and teams should only be rewarded by holding capture points, adding score from kills is just dumb in a game mode where the main thing is the capturing game. Peace, bro.
  7. Right? They can make a lot of things to nerf the sniper, but head shots not killing is just dumb.
  8. I completely agree with the punishment for AWOLS. Good call!
  9. Hello, I'm Coldasice, nice to meet ya'all. I've been playing FPS since I was a child, I remember my father taking me to his clinic to play Doom there cause my mother wouldn't let me @ home. Here are a few games (that I can remember) that I've played. Doom, Heretic, Call of Duty 1, 2 , 3, 4; MW2, Battlefield 1, 2, Bad Company, Bad Company 2, 3, 4, One; Star Wars Battlefront 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017; CS 1.5, 1.6, Source, GO; Unreal Tournament, 2003, 2004; some f2p games; Escape From Tarkov; ARMA 1, 2 and 3; Overwatch; Squad; Project Reality 2; SWAT 2 and 3; R6 SIEGE; some single-player ones like Metro 2033 and some others that I can't remember right now. Anyways, that's just to try to base my incoming feedback about WW3: Spawn and capture points camping needs fixing ASAP as players are getting tired of it, I've done a lot, was harassed by it a lot and my stream viewers always complain about it on chat. It's tiring to the point of login-off the game and just play another thing so I don't get burned, I really don't want to. With that said, people getting tired = people leaving the game = matches will eventually not be found = game starts dying = no more feedback = RIP. A .50 sniper can damage the armor of a tank but can't 1-shot heads? Sniping is waaaaay too broken in this game and needs fixing too. Yeah, I know, we don't want another battlefield where 80% of both teams play snipers and forget about objectives, but that's the reason you didn't use tickets and use a score system in this game, right? Just make sure that killing doesn't count as a team score and that victories are very rewarding, or losing punishing and players will play their role in the match. SMGs TTK is too low, when I say low I mean turtle low, I know they are weaker but they are not supposed to be that weak, lol. The current weight system is broken, you can carry top armor and helmet, a fully modded AR and a RPG and still run like a rabbit. You could use some stamina system, cause players to carry less bullets, nades and take longer to refill [3] (first aid, packs, etc) to counter that and actually make the weight system mean something. (This is the least of my concerns, even with the weigh system broken, if you fix the core stuff the game will be awesome and you can always fix this after the red stuff). Current armor system is also broken, you can't head shot someone with a .50 but can kill them with a stomach shot? Or even worst, you can use the VEPR-12 and be a king, this weapon is OP and very broken because of the current armor system. Instead of % you could calculate and balance damage reduction by ammo type for each level of protection. Well, this is actually the problem that makes snipers a problem, so...It's kiiiinda repeating, but anyways, Like i said above, the VEPR-12 is broken, you can 1-2 shot enemies from 50 meters away easily and even do some serious damage to far away tangos, but I think that is because if the current armor system. Matchmaking: you can only play "Quick Join", choosing a map never gets you anywhere and it's frustrating. Also, I'm being matched on 200-300+ latency servers when my region has at least 5 EMPTY servers and 1 ALMOST full that could use another player and I know there are a lot of South Americans playing the game, this should also be addressed quickly or players will start leaving, like is happening in Escape From Tarkov. You guys are a small team, I know and you are trying to make this indie game into a big hit, but you gotta fix a least the core stuff (the ones marked in red) to keep the player base alive. Here are other feedback that doesn't need priority: Reticles for medium-long range scopes are the same and are barely visible in the dark, and no magnification sights also need variation, almost all of the are just the red dot (but the S3 Holo and the Holo sight) it would be cool to see different reticles in-game. Medium range scopes doesn't seem to really zoom in, I've been running around using them even in close quarter combat, they doesn't seem to even get to 2x and you already have some 3x, 3,4x and 4x scopes there. The same goes for long range scopes, we could use some variation on the zooming. We need a VoIP so we can communicate with the squad or team. We could also use a comms wheel instead of just the [x] option. Requests like ammo, health, equipment, ride should make the requester blink or stand out so the requested can at least know they are being asked stuff, even if they end up ignoring it, lol, at least they will be ignoring it knowing they left a soldier behind. Full-auto spread: we don't need it, we know real guns will always shoot at the red dot location (only if very far away, because of wind and drop) but the current spread in the game is not right, lol. Just make the recoil "for real" and change the screen direction. That way players can at least try to shoot accurate using tapping or semi-auto. Snipers: At the same time I feel like they need the damage buff (or armor nerf) I also feel they need some kind of nerf, it's too easy to land the shots where you want, maybe some bullet drops, like in Battlefield, make the recoil incredible high if not using bipods, something to make snipers standout (maybe like in Battlefield with the scope reflex or something else, huge noise or flash when shooting, I don't know). Game objective: you guys already did a great job not using spawn tickets, giving bonuses for assault/defense "stance" and aiming for goal points but people still seem to ignore orders and capturing and defending points, like I said above, punish the losing team or giving some big prizes for the winning team and even more for the best squad (also, take away kills from the best squad selection and focus only on team point scoring, that would be great). Leave the killing for Death Matches. I hope this somehow help and I'm very excited about WW3, just a little concerned about a possible fail, but I know you guys can do it! Cheers, Coldasice
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