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  1. i dont know if u notice this as well but post processing is bugged or the whole graphic setting has been implemented poorly. it makes the screen even blurrier ontop of that. id love an open to completely turn that option off.
  2. its pretty easy to replicate this. all u really have to do is find a source of light then move left, right, forward and back and it gos from a small dot up to taking up the entire sight.
  3. Really Strange bug. i am unsure if its a non issue on higher graphic settings, but i can only play on low and i get reflecting lights that makes a huge negative impact on gameplay.
  4. hmm it is hard to keep attacking an objective after the squad lead is down, really time consuming to wait for the others to get to u, if they dont die on the way there. i like the idea of letting the squad leader be the only one to spawn on a selected squad mate. maybe just one other though with a outlined star.
  5. mines are fine. however.. they are to small. the width and length should be increased to match bf4s mines. of course alittle smaller bc u can see them abit to easy at times. but they can still be quite bulky and easy enough to spot if they tanker and gunner pays attention.
  6. understood. i deep down i figured people would do that.. it wouldnt offer points towards their score but instead just be a way to see how much damage was reduced. so visual feedback only.
  7. interesting.. probably should make a dedicated post about that to see how people feel bout it as well.
  8. i felt more or less bumbed out and wont try to reason bc they shown to want long matches. i dont know if its to start slow and work thier way down for balance, or they have a very heavy stance not to change it. 5000 down to 4000 will help reduce match times a little bit. probably 35 minutes to finish. it'll help shorten matches but at the same time it might not. i rarely have matches that peak to 5000. the highest i personally seen was 4,300.
  9. oh im sorry, i didnt see that. Build 3250942. CS:GO is counter strike globe offensive and in that game u cannot aim down the sights only hipfire. after suiciding in a tank thats what was happening in the photo. Its a rare bug, i ran into it 3-4 times now after 70 hours of play. once after a regular death, another after spawning in a destroyed vehicle.
  10. not needed but its another quality of life thing. if ur someone like me, i want stuff like this to go from the cheapest one to the most expensive, it'll make things just look nicer and take away the busy work if we wanna experiment. not even just for looks, if u want to do that, u have to completely delete it and lose all ur changes making it abit of an annoyance. as u can see most of my rewards is more expensive than others and theres nothing i can do about it unless i wanna delete it. even ingame it looks abit wierd to have the most expensive thing avaliable first when the other 3 are grayed out when u want it from left to right, not right to left for example.
  11. im more neutral on the idea. hm... maybe such a powerful anti tank weapon could only spawn once all objectives are taken to deal with those pestering spawn camping tanks. as always, just entertaining the idea.
  12. there is plenty of ways to destroy a tank, but the one way to counter them is by using the jets u call in with battlepoints. but as the title says, they take way to long to do thier thing to be effective. i really love if they were faster. the tanks just can avoid them before they even show up. im uncertain if the team can hear enemy airstrikes or not but i feel they shouldnt unless the UAV is there as a way of getting intel on open field objective points. ?
  13. its tough taking out a tank by yourself. its like battlefield 1. u need another person with you to be certain u can take it down. i do think tanks are fine personally. but a hard hitting Battlepoint anti-tank item like a Javelin may be welcomed. perhaps to make sure its not to overpowered if they include the lock-on is to make the smoke trail last a lot longer and more visible. like a traser round. i do think Airstrikes need to be buffed. i personally felt they come in way to slow, making them come faster will be much more convient to use against tanks. and to take away the ability to let the enemy know an ally airstrike is coming unless a UAV is there. i also feel an anti tank wep isnt needed. there is plenty of ways to take a tank out. mines, rpgs, c4. but i entertained the idea for you.
  14. nice photoshop skills you have there. i like it. hope the devs take a gander.
  15. thank u very much for your service for the country. that is true, however that is real life and games must be balanced differently. while in real life u take cover to find out where shots are coming from, flinch in games is a mechanic to help players find out what direction they are being hit from, not to make an impact on hipfire and ads accuracy. thats an added touch of realistic as far i know is exclusively implemented for sim shooters is why i am against this heavy amount in a game thats faster pace than a sim shooter. some seem to think i only want super arcady, cartoon like shooters when i rather play arma, insurgency and the battlefield games of old like battlefield 2. so this game caters to me, if they change this or not i dont care, all im thinking of is balance. i will continue to play either way. but reguardless for my want to balance a game with different pacing that feels like a battlefield shell with the chocolate insides of insurgency. the devs shown to be admant with thier choice. so for the people that want it congratz. its not changing. this will be my last post about this topic.
  16. this game is not slow paced enough for that. but alright, full realistic, not just partially even if gameplay suffers. i guess some people dont mind having thier aim jump 3-5 inches away from thier target may it be up close. 10,15, 20+ meters away. maybe my complaint wouldnt be so bad if this game didnt have poorly placed cover everywhere plenty to use but no. we are fully exposed pretty much everywhere.
  17. i wish i knew. there is no name of the map in loading screen so i dont know which lol. not all suffer from this but i know afew do. A1 makes me think of that bus between the mall right
  18. i just witness this. and the player raging in chat had the right too. i think a great solution is to make any armor u call via battlepoints have a temporary 15 second lock period for the caller so only he can enter it. after it expires anyone can enter it.
  19. if i want a realistic game i will play arma or insurgency. the levels of flinch in this game is similar to that game and the old planetside 2 build show up above. nobody plays arma bc its not fun. this isnt a tactical shooter. its a shooter with tactical elements. SO IT IS A ARCADY SHOOTER adopting hardcore elements. i play this game bc it found a nice balance to keep it fun. its the closest to battlefield 2 ill ever get that DICE will not give me. the game is not ok in the state it is in, and flinching is not ok dispite his response just like the developers response in the planetside 2 video. it impacts the gunplay to much. that makes me less motivated to move and camp instead to make sure i dont get shot 1st. i understood its part of thier vision they dont need to remove it. it needs to be reduced then. if u believe im so wrong even though i offered a compromise, then make ur own post and explain why then. u may get more people on ur side probably.
  20. i respect ya buddy but besides the flinching everything else seems fine at least to me.
  21. after suciding in a tank and respawning i found myself unable to properly ADS.
  22. afew capture points are to small condensing players into smaller places with no room to set a defensive perimeter.
  23. its the teams game and i get it. but highly recommend that the team and viewers sacrifice 10 minutes of thier time to look at TZonings valuable planetside 2 flinch before & after video. even for ww3 its to much and its defintely not fine where it is right now.
  24. i dont think its needed but it'll be one of those quality of life improvements. upon taking damage could we get notified when an enemy hits our head or armor? like helmet/Armor Hit X,Y,Z Damage Prevented or Negated?
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