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  1. The game is in its very early stages right now. A console release is a long ways off, I'm afraid.
  2. If the guys at TF51 are BF vets, then surely they understand the importance of a server browser for this kind of game. I hope they can be convinced to add one sooner rather than later, because without one this game is going to struggle to build a community.
  3. There's next to nobody playing on NA servers anymore. There's one or two full servers with no empty spots and then dozens upon dozens of servers either empty or with only 2-3 people. At least with a server browser, the few people remaining on NA servers could congregate on one populated server rather than having the matchmaker scatter us all over. Until we get a server browser, this game will continue to be a ghost town in the NA region.
  4. I like the idea of being able to do more damage to somebody by hitting weak spots in their armor, but it's just too easy to do in its current state. They should consider greatly reducing the size of the gut hitbox so it takes some actual skill to pull off.
  5. No see, you don't get it. Your soldier has gained self awareness and decided he doesn't want to fight in this conflict, but knows he's being controlled by someone else, so he puts his hand in front of the sight to prevent you from shooting.
  6. I remember when BreakTheVices put up his first WW3 video and the highlight at the start showed a quad bike slowly descending into the ground, exploding and killing him, all the while he has the most exquisite look of 'what the fuck'. ? However, let's not remember these bugs too fondly. I'd rather this not become another Tripwire case of bugs going unaddressed for years while the community just ignores it. We had glitchy, broken head hitboxes in Killing Floor from the day of release all the way up until they stopped support for the game in 2015.
  7. I'm gonna have to go with a no on this one. Outside of the survival genre, all this mechanic does is kick the player while they're down. I played a mod for Doom 2 a long time ago that was meant to make the game more like a realistic shooter, and one of the mechanics involved your aim becoming shaky and your movement slow and jittery while on low health. Realistic? Sure. Annoying as hell? Yes. You were basically hosed when your health dropped below 50 because you couldn't aim properly and couldn't run fast enough to retreat.
  8. Rush was my favorite game mode back in Battlefield Bad Company 2. Could we get something similar to it in WW3? Oh, and if you do make a rush style game type, please limit the player count to 32. 64 player rush matches are just way too chaotic.
  9. Can I have an AN94? Pretty please? It's such a cool rifle, but I've only ever seen it twice in games - Battlefield Bad Company 2 and STALKER (I don't count COD:Black Ops 2 or Battlefield 3/4 because I never played those games). Also, I really want the M1911. I can't really properly show pride for my country in game without one of the most iconic American handguns, can I? ?
  10. I was skeptical about putting down the $28 for this game a few weeks ago. For a while, it looked like WW3 was set to join the same fate as Battalion 1944, which was killed stone cold dead in less than a week because of its launch issues. Seeing how quickly The Farm51 has moved to address the issues, the communication they have with players, and the impressively detailed roadmap show me that they're really taking this seriously and doing everything they can to ensure that WW3 doesn't join the ranks of other failed indie shooters. Being honest, even with the game being in such an imperfect state, it's refreshing to see something that feels like it's being made for gamers and to see developers getting so heavily involved in the community. I remember playing games like Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 back in the day and it felt like any feedback being given was just people shouting into the void, and occasionally that void spits out a patch that addresses some of the complaints. Great as those games were, it always felt like the developers of those were just some nebulous force that didn't interface with the players. I'm committed to following this road with the rest of you folks wherever it leads, whether that's staring longingly at the game in my Steam library and wondering what could have been, or rejoicing as the community grows and knowing that I was one of the ones who helped it along. I know the folks at The Farm51 are working their rear ends off, and while I realize it doesn't mean much, I hope some kind words from the community can at least brighten up your day a bit ? .
  11. Weapon configuration screen could use more information. For instance, why is suppressor A slightly more expensive than suppressor B? I assume because suppressor A is better somehow, but I don't know. Same with scopes. I don't really understand why some scopes are 2000 silver while others are only 1000. Allow us the option to forego a secondary in our load out. There are times where I'm just barely over a certain break point and can't get under it simply because I'm legally obligated to carry at least a pistol in my secondary slot. Let us choose a hat and helmet cosmetic for configs and give us the option of foregoing head protection in our load out. If you have head protection, your chosen helmet cosmetic appears on your avatar. If you don't have head protection, then your chosen hat cosmetic appears on you instead. (Unpopular as this idea might be, I wouldn't mind them removing that distinction and just letting us have head protection with any kind of headgear. I want to wear one of those cool gas masks, but I feel like I'm putting myself at a disadvantage by doing so because I can't wear them with a helmet.)
  12. I remember in the early days of Battlefield Bad Company 2, 3D spotting was so OP you could basically keep the entire enemy team pinged at all times. I agree with everyone in this thread. Just say no to floating doritos.
  13. This isn't that big of a deal, but it struck me as odd how you have every paint job available for a weapon right off the bat without spending any silver. I mean, if I want to showcase my lack of good taste by putting a garish gold finish on my weapon, I should have to earn that, right? Again, not a big deal, but weapon appearance customization doesn't feel as special when everything's just given to you.
  14. Based on my experiences with progression systems in other games. While I'm personally not big on progression systems in multiplayer games, I get that it makes sense to have one here. There's so much granularity to the customization that dumping everything on a new player all at once could easily scare them away. That being said, I have a few suggestions: 1) Worst thing you can do with progression is make new players feel inadequate simply because the stuff they have isn't as good as what everyone else has. This will stunt community growth in the long run since newbies will not only have a skill disadvantage, but also a gear disadvantage, which will make the early game a long, boring grind. I think every player should be given enough currency right off the bat to put together a decent load out. 2) You don't have to hold the player's hand with long tutorials, but any useful information should be in the game for people to seek out. If I want to know how certain statistics affect my weapon or what a certain attachment does, that information should be in the game somewhere. 3) Don't make progression too grindy. If earning currency to unlock stuff is too slow, it discourages experimentation. 4) I've heard the devs say there's a possibility of some kind of equipment condition system where items degrade with use and have to be rebought / repaired. Can I just say... please no? This will just discourage experimentation and not really add anything to the game.
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