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  1. I think it is pretty much the same system as in bf2. As long as the squad leader is in a firefight you are not able to spawn by his side. He needs to get cover and he needs to stop fighting.
  2. Hi players and devs, I would like to talk about the team points your team is getting while you hold the majority of the capture points or while you hold all points. In my opinion the point income is way to low for the amount of cp's you have. I played a few rounds yesterday where my team or the enemy team dominated the other team completely. There was a game where we hold all capture points in Berlin for about 5 minutes but we couldn't reach the point limit and the round ended before we could reach the maximum points. It feels really boring if you hold all points and all you do is kind if spawn camping. So I would suggest to raise the team point income for every cp you hold more than your enemy. And if you hold all cp's you should win really quick! Do you think so too or is it just me?
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