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  1. I keep trying to play with my other friends (5 people in total) and we are STRUGGLING after 3 hours to all get into the same server. We haven't been able to find any way to all que and join the same server without either joining an empty server or a near full one and having someone join whenever we see someone leave. It has made what was suppose to be a fun group game for us to all play to an argument about all the errors and problems we keep having. There HAS to be something we are doing wrong here right? I have a hard time believing that you can't que a squad up for one server? Sorry for any spelling errors.
  2. To be fair there is a difference being the amount of ammo you have in total. For an example if your kit is light then you take in 100 rounds, but if its medium you only take in 75 (Not actual in-game numbers but you get the point).
  3. I totally understand that, its just that it is such an easy fix that they could roll out whenever they push another small patch for fixing servers or whatever. That's why I made the post in the first place as my only guess is that they don't know about the issue or just don't care right now and have bigger problems to fix (which is fine).
  4. Is there any way to see how much ammo your going in with? I'm glad its in-game but it would be nice to have a little UI number somewhere telling me how much spare ammo i'm taking with me per kit/loadout.
  5. G36, G28, AK15, basically all the ARs and prob some other guns. Proof: 10rd 20rd 30rd It's like this for every AR right now, i'm sure they will get to it EVENTUALLY but its just a single number in code that they have to change. They could fix this in minutes if they wanted, it just seems lazy.
  6. Why do 10 round mags weigh the same amount as 20 round mags and 30 round mags, it makes no sense. They really need to adjust the weight on all the mags ingame since they are all the same besides the 50/60 round mags meaning there is no reason to run anything lower than a 30rd magazine. Honestly the weight difference between a 30 round mag and a 50/60 is almost nothing so if your not using 50/60 your at least a 30 just putting yourself at a disadvantage.
  7. This is a great idea and I think its ingame? (Post above me says so) but it would be nice to see how much ammo you have for your weapons when your making your loadout.
  8. With all the customization in the game, I find myself jumping from gun to gun in my 6 loadouts I can currently use. Can we get some sort of way to save our kits as presets so that I don't have to constantly re-customize my guns and loadout whenever I want to change weapons? I'm not asking for more loadout slots or anything, just a way to save them and swap them outside of matches/games. I can't see why this would be a bad idea and I know that it wouldn't be very hard to implement.
  9. THANK YOU, the animations really need some work. Current animations just look like test animations, with some guns having pretty much no working animation at all (Glock with drum mag is broken as hell if I remember correctly)
  10. Does anyone know where we can find patch notes on the game? If none exist, it would be nice if the devs added a part of the forum were they can add patch notes!
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