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  1. Some random Avril Lavigne songs in a playlist.
  2. Amon Amarth - Vengeance Is My Name from Jomsviking
  3. Jets N Guns OST - done by Swedish SID metal monsters Machinae Supremacy \m/
  4. This amazing song was also in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory - in the ship level heard on a radio.
  5. I do like most Western marching songs - the US has some good ones. Soviet marches are also amazing. Here's one we sung during our marching at Rifleman training in the Kazakhstan Army. Sadly, only this version is available online - didnt find any marches. Marching/folk song.
  6. Starting with RAC and Amon Amarth then, RIGHT to what my ex loved. Nostalgia eh?
  7. I thought I was the only one to play it. LOVED IT! Proving Grounds is OK but it can't touch AA 1 and Special Forces. AA 3 was heartbreaking to me; missed opportunity. IMO
  8. Did you play the ones on PS2? European Assault was dope and so was Vanguard. (Yeah Airborne is better but still)
  9. Consider modding it with RRTCW, a mod that adds new campaigns, guns and modifies enemy behavior to be more realistic - its kinda the definitive way to play RTCW IMO.
  10. UnreaL and the Return to Na Pali expansion pack, then Quake and DooM. I got a good start in FPSs. 1990s Then came one of THE best series: Soldier of Fortune. 2000s Then found some weird Slavic shooters like Liquidator, Vivisector Beast Within, Chrome, Serious Sam and Painkiller. LOVE them. 2006+ Hope they get a re-release on Steam or GOG soon.
  11. Words to live by, my friend. Online and IRL.
  12. Last-minute tank takedown with an RPG-7 while laying prone and capturing an objective at VERY low health.
  13. Rambo Quadrilogy all day, every day.
  14. I love the Soldier of Fortune games and so, to celebrate the series' release on GOG some time ago, John Mullins returns to kick some more ass.
  15. Great work, was just looking for some; surely will use one of your creations. Thanks.
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