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  1. -Never knew that. Thanks! But I wanted to see the others' too... -Yeah, It IS because of the Steam Overlay. Imma change the bind -Yeah it works, but it barely happens. I don't know why...
  2. -While I'm running, game seems to block me from the scoreboard. Maybe It's because of Steam Overlay(Shift + Tab)? But I'm not sure. -While I'm in prone, I can't ADS and move at the same time. also I couldn't reload and move spontaneously either. -It would be great if we have a ping indicator on a scoreboard. -Optimization patch would be very appreciated. -AR seems to be too well-rounded. SMG kinda lost its purpose since it deals almost same damage with AR but lower rate of fire, lower accuracy compared to AR. Maybe you can buff the SMG's rate of fire and nerf its accuracy, suiting it ideal for the CQB. -Every snipers I've met used TOR. Everyone I've met in the game said TOR is OP. -24 vs 24 mode plz? Maps are little big for 16 vs 16.
  3. Feedback for devs Played like an hour. Maybe that's not enough for understanding the fundamentals of the game, but here is what I thought; Movements are too clunky Reloading while walking is working good. But reloading while advancing in prone is not working. Character would just stop in there while reloading. I don't know if it's intended or not, but for me it's kinda awkward. Of course it's hard to reload while moving in prone, but this is a game. not a mil sim.You can't reload while you`re pressing Q or E. you have to stand upright to reload. Why didn't you make reload override these commands, Farm51? Did you think it would be a tactical advantage?!If you`re aiming down the sight before press R, your character will automatically aim down the sight right after the reloading is over. it's frustrating honestly. Server My character wouldn't move as I want because of the server. The character automatically repositions itself to where the server thinks my character is. In every 2 seconds. I don't know what causes this problem; my internet, or the game server. I strongly think that the problem is in my internet service provider though.Still, devs need to compensate this reposition thingy to smoother method. Optimization My laptop (yeah, laptop)has GTX 960m. It barely exceeds the minimum requirements. So I thought that the game will be automatically set my graphic as low as possible.But no, it set my options as ULTRA. Maybe some tweak of devs will help this problem out.p.s : I had low option and game run 20~30 fps ingame. ♥♥♥♥ing awful performance for the minimum requirements users I'd must say. Gameplay Suprisingly, the game itself is quite awesome. I love it! Although I didn't like that ADS doesn't precisely represents the impact spot. If it was a iron sight and player character's breath interferes the line of aim it would be understandable. But we're using optical sights. that directs the impact spot no matter what. Neither English in not my native language, nor I speak/write well with my native language. But I wanted to give Farm51 a feedback. I saw some possibility from this game, and I don't want to let it buried by the other games. This game stands on very between of the mil sim and arcade game. Some polishing will make this game awesome than many FPS games that came out recently imo.
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