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  1. Like Squad and Post Scriptum ..... Best coms......
  2. hello gentlemen, I would like to present some customization options in which it would be very interesting such as more variety of helmets and glasses without being a set only with we already have (Crye Precision Airframe Helmet, Stroke Manta / Hel-Star 6 functional case will come into existence night maps as well as night vision glasses examples (PVS15, PVS31, GPNVG18, PVS14, PVS7, PVS21 among others along with Mounts for the same ones (Mount Rhino in which we already have apparently, L4G24, L4G32 among others) would also like to complement the options of custumização of boots because in the name only we have the LOWA we had to have Salomon Forces, Asolo, Merell ... Thank you I think it is everything by the hour
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