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  1. What can i say. I know the power of bugs. I've been there when Assassins Creed Unity released. Perfection needs patience no need to rush things i'll be here even in 2025 if need be.
  2. To be honest i don't see any benefits to that except making pages more filled which may be good or bad.
  3. To be honest stuff like this create weird scenarios. I have an a8 6600k and a r7 260x with 8 gb of ram and i run this game. 30fps outside long range and a slideshow of less than 20 when i'm inside.
  4. Sounds like your processor is at fault. Something about memory bandwidth?
  5. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): At the end of the round when the best squad is highlighted, i found this glitch where their torso disappeared. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3313103 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Not sure, possible button input that triggered this? SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): CRASH LOG (if any): Note: I cut out the names just to be on the safe zone.
  6. Probably this is not the right game for it, but i don't understand why we don't have moba fps? Well not full on mobas but a slight pvp tower defense.
  7. Rate my boy. By the way i find it interesting that there are not many combinations of hoodies and MCU gasmask.
  8. To be honest i haven't played in a while a game that does that, so probably you're right. This idea sounds good on paper but not so great ''on the field''
  9. I want a nade to explode my limbs off and say '''tis but a scratch'' I NEED THIS NOW.
  10. How about winning and losing giving you bonus points and the end rewards are scaled to the score. You get what you played for. This doesn't make much sense if i see it now white over black-blue but still you get me,right?
  11. Take this like real life. You won't get a refund on a pc after a year just because it aged. This is similar to attachments. Times will change and some may become relevant. But i don't think this may be a problem, specially now that you have all the attachments for free. But it would make sense for a ''trial version'' or a 5 matches ''demo'' for the attachments but you could do it X times. Or maybe adding one of those f2p styles where you would buy something for cheaper for a day or something, with the idea of not increasing the price for buying it permanently.
  12. Because we have such different opinions, that proves that this game needs 2 principal game modes: 1 designed for fast plays of maximum 20, 30 minutes and 1 designed for atleast 1 hour. Battlefield 4 did something where there would be servers with edited win conditions such as time and score. To be honest i feel like the matches are not long enough
  13. I mean sure i'd like to see atleast one of those 2. But i bet nobody would care because you guys only want popular emblems ;-;
  14. Oh don't increase the resource demand for this game i can barely play it ;-;/ But seriously to be honest i never pay attention to that because i'm too focused on shooting the enemy or trying to not get shot. That and probably i got used to the normal style of scopes.
  15. Not just sunshine. Imagine playing on a map and suddenly a hard storm is coming and you can't see anymore from 10 meters.
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