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  1. have you ever fired a gun? Those things are loud, to be precise, eardrum breaking loud so radio talk would be scetchy if you weren't kissing a microphone
  2. 100% agree with that, but still i don't want to Leo go as fast as lighter t72 since they share same engine
  3. when people get to lazy.... "hey i need dev to redo keybinds for me"
  4. @Z3Id366 i doubt that you have driven any tanks since you would know that mobility is affected mostly by power to weight ratio and track on ground pressure... T72 with 1500hp should fly since it was designed with mobility in mind, even original 800hp engine made it more mobile than Leo (with 1200hp engine). Yeap, a new power pack for a NEW tank
  5. i'm against that since every engagement would be reduced to "who shot first", and autocannons would shrekt everything. Even now you can destroy them ,it just require some practice. But not for infantry, one full auto with 7.62 into opticks less than 3 sec is all you need to blind vehicles....
  6. Ther way i see ammo overhull -APFSDS - dealing the most damage against TANKS, and lesser against IFV and APC and no splash ofc. -HEAT - dealing the most damage against IFV and APC little against front/side tanks armor and penetrating cover ability (with "shotgun effect afterwards") against infantry -HE - little dammage to tanks all sides and IFVs, APCs front, no cover penetration(though it should) big splash dammage against infantry And no fin stabilized mean that this shell has fins to prevent shell from tumbling while it's going supersonic and increase it's accuracy. Fins does not determine purpose of shell. RL HE are monsters agains LIGHT vehicles (like humvies or marauders), bunkers and infantry not agains vehicles with composite or reactive armor And tell me that will reduce "skill" factor, while we have .50 cal point and click adventure
  7. i think overall SH is a miss... i would move HE (with blast rad kept from SH ) in it's place and add actual HEAT round, that would work like actual HEAT round (cover penetration with narrow coper jet). That would actually add another depth to balisticks. (and more problems for devs)
  8. yes while we are talking about lage guns not autocanons.... and i would preffer to use actual HE to instakill on direct hit... but ok
  9. @TZoningHard realy... don't missinform people here who don't read posts. i posted a presentation of HE shells for 120mm L44 that are used (with airburs option) and are deacent at killing light vehicles. Mother russia still uses HE for 125 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/125_mm_smoothbore_ammunition And ammo ist for german 120mm ? Apparently only USA stuck with HEAT as HE replacement since even brits are using HESH...
  10. rather i would like to have two sets of uniforms, on for western (team 1?) and 2nd for eastern (team 2?) with colors matching environment so confusion on battlefield could be avoided, since often you can see uniform first then marker.
  11. So. If tanks can't get proper chemical shells can we at least get THIS modification?
  12. find 2000HP engine on market.... leo just needs more HP to ballance out t72 speed if we want to go with 1500hp engine for t72.... the point is tanks should feel different from model to model, if we give everyone t72s speed, tanks would feel shallow
  13. no.... Leo is heavier than T 72 (over 15 tones!) and both have same engines. Heavy tanks shouldn't drive like go kart around battlefield... . If anything t72 should get weaker engine (1000 or 1200 HP). Still the best way to balance out corner hugging by infantry, when the armor is in the field, is by increasing splash on chemical rounds.... Way simpler and healthier implementation....
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