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  1. i love the game my internet is super bad at times, so must be a computer issue for you.
  2. It would be a nice if we the user's would be able to put more information onto a Forum account's like steam link's Discord tags ect. it's a Basic suggestion but would be very useful for everyone in the long run.
  3. it would be a nice addition to the game , would add more realism to what is already a awesome game
  4. Team killing should not have a forgive system up to the player, as this can be abused as started above about the tank, They also need to change that if you don't click anything on the option to punish the player it should simply let them live and not automatically kill them. instead if you team kill by accident it will give them a option to forgive you , if they say no it will add one strike to your player , so if you team kill agian and they don't forgive you it would kill you kinda of like rising storms team kill system :). example team kill strike 1/2, 2/2 =death the number can be increased then it resets but if they killed 5 people in a space of respawing after getting killed for teamkilling it should remove them from the game.
  5. i have the same problem as you no win/loss screen just freezes for about 4mins then take me back to connecting to ww3 servers
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