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  1. The no minimap issue will fix itself once you learn the maps. You already get enough contextual clues with the objectives being visible all the time.
  2. BUT.. wouldn't the point of adding DMRs be to use ammo that punches through armor? I guess it depends if they are added with realism in mind, or gameplay.
  3. Devs said they won't comment on future weapons yet. You can do some legwork yourself and see what's already in the game files though. Some interesting stuff there. Although I agree that battle rifles are somewhat obsolete IRL, this is a game and DMRs are still around. Adds another gameplay element. I'd like so see them.
  4. Armor plates don't cover your abdomen. At the right distance you can one shot if you aim there. You can also one tap headshot through armor, but you have to be at the appropriate range. Takes a while to get used to the snipers effective range.
  5. I know progression is currently turned off and every attachment and visual is basically unlocked for all, but I'm still curious to know how progression actually works in the game? For example, do you unlock attachments using credits? Or do you unlock them just by using the weapons etc? Also, I'm curious to know how the overarching conflict mechanic is supposed to work (east vs west) and we are getting our post game rewards at login instead of at the games end. is this by design or currently bugged? Thanks!
  6. NVM, I had everything on low for those sweet sweet frames (effects need to be at least on medium for skins to appear)
  7. customization works for me... everything except skins. they don't appear (Im always on default) what gives?
  8. Weapon skins don't seem to be loading for me. When I customize my gear, under the camouflage option for weapons. I can see all the available skin names, but they themselves don't show up. Even if i click on it and the 'saved" message appears at the bottom right of my screen I always stay on default. Are they not currently implemented or is this a person to person issue before I submit a bug report? Thx!
  9. I'm only going to address armor seeing as hit reg won,t matter to me until the servers are Properly online, for one, and since this is interlocked with everyone's personal connectivity, well, results may vary. As for armor... Any shooter with armor and ambitions of realism will hit this question sooner than later: realism or fun? I call it the Tarkov conundrum. If armor is realistically powerful, but does not cover the whole body, a meta will appear, for example: Tarkov's leg meta. Currently, I've been testing out shooting people in the abdomen in WW3. To be honest, I see no value in headshots anymore. It's the same situation as with Tarkov here, and it could be by design to be honest. I've adapted to it and a lot of other players have too (I'm seeing a lot of deaths from 100 dmg to the abdomen). I now run around with no armor and aim for the abdomen and my results have been extremely positive. I see no difference in my survivability but I get more kills (less people escaping after being shot up). My suggestions to the devs would just to be clear what the priority is. If its realism, keep tweaking but expect metas to appear. If you want to avoid that though, my simple suggestion would be to have armor values apply to the whole body (only separate head and the rest of the body). types of ammo won't matter if a shot to the abdomen is always considered a flesh hit... the meta will just be aim for the abs with the highest flesh dmg ammo in the game, skip armor piercing. Its counter intuitive, but this is a game, played by gamers. Gamers always go for the most effective solution. Realism, and sometimes even fun, be damned.
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