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  1. I didnt know it was in-game already. Glad you answered.
  2. Did you thought about the conic deflagration at the explosion of the shell? Every must have a different explosion. Would be nice if it would be the same to optimize it. It could boost the effectiveness of each shell type against the target it suppose to hit. Punishing at the same time people using the wrong shell type against enemy's target. I remember Myth Buster did something realy nice about it exposing how much damage an basic HE RPG shell can do.
  3. I'd like to see the JTF2 patch since I'm canadian or other SF patches of my country. Theres the flag but no emblem lol
  4. What do you guys think about that fact that we should be able to do ammo management. Mostly to gage the weight we carry. I think this could be an answer to balance lots of things and combination. By exemple you want that level 4 steel armor with an RPG and another primary gun. But all of that is too heavy so you decided to sacrifice a bit of ammo to try to reduce your weight. Like carrying less RPG shell. I just had this idea and like to share to know what you guys think about it? Lots of games let you do that like Arma III.
  5. Agree. I see this more and more. The matches are so long that peoples leaving and you end up in disadvantage. I understand in time when it will be more peoples playing the game this won't be an issue. But for now in early access at least I think they should reduce the time.
  6. In my part I think we shouldn't be able to go in the enemy spawn like most games. It also look like you can't in some map but not all. I also think the auxiliary base spawn shouldn't be near battlefield or objectives. We should also spawn a bit away when we spawn on objectives. I don't think we should be in God mod for couples second when we spawn. By example in BF4, you can't spawn on your squad members when they are in combat. That way, you avoid being spawn kill.
  7. Him not sure. Most shield are use in CQB. But I can see some place it could be useful like in the hallway of the mail to go outside
  8. I agree on most you said. RPGs have HE that mean it is effective against infantry. Problems come when you abuse the use of it. For that, debs have to figure out how to balance it to reduce this type of use. 1) In real life, the shell only detonate after 15 or 25 meters (can't remember exactly) 2) They should add weight to shells. That way I think peoples would have to consider what to combine with RPG since its heavy. If they decide to be heavy, let's hope that it gonna slow them down enough to provide them to run around with RPG and try to focus tanks instead. Thoses are just idea like this
  9. Excellent post here. I see a lot of post about weapons by peoples who never shoot gun and really understand how it work. I don't see any issues with the recoil in this this game. It's pretty accurate. About ammo. Well, I'd like to see some ammo management. Since mag do weight. I'd like to be able to gage the numbers of mag I carry. You know, sacrifice bullets for a lower weight or the opposite. It would add some double sharpness on your decision. I think it could create a balance in the game where players would have to do choice and think about their load out depending of what's going on on the battlefield. I don't know, let me know what you think.
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