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  1. Sorry to bother about this topic here, but is there any news about the South American servers? On release week there was 11 servers working properly, then all of the sudden, 3 or 4 days later there was only 6, and now there's only 2 servers for 40 people that are always empty. The 32 people servers vanished.
  2. It's down to 3 servers now, 40 people servers, no one getting matchmade on them.
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: The South American servers were fine at launch, there was 11 of them online, some for 64 people (always empty), other for 40 people (rarely full) and the 32 people (always full), then, 2 days ago they started to go down, dissapearing from the Steam Servers browser, yesterday they all went down, asked on twitter what happend, they turned them back on it seems but just half of them, only 6. After that, only 64 and 40 people servers were available only here in South America, and ALWAYS empty, I can't find a match on those servers NEVER. I know this are early stages, but I want to know what is goin on with our servers, there are just a few and they don't even function properly, so nobody down here can play or test with proper ping. I always end up on servers with 200+ ping, no matter how I try to connect. GAME BUILD ID: 3250942 Are the 40 people servers playable? If so, why they are always empety in my region? And what about the 64 people servers that are online all the time in other countrys and always empty? What's the deal with that?
  4. Removing the T-72 from strikes in ALL your loadouts solved this problem for a lot of people. Try it.
  5. Yes, it seems that something happend with the rest of SA servers, hope they are up again soon. Happy to help. HF
  6. Don't try to put things in my mouth that I didn't say buddy. You knew you were buying an Early Access game, a pretty early iteration of it. And all of this problems come along with that. A lot of people can play the game fine, others with FPS issues, stuttering, crashes and a lot of other problems, but they know that those are things that can happen and will keep happening a lot. And a lot of people can't, like you, I'm not excussing the Dev's here, but it looks like you don't understand that you didn't bought a finished product and this things are supposed to happen.
  7. Yes it is, and they make sure that you know that. Just refund and go play something else my dude. Stop wasting your time here. The thing is, you knew what you were getting into when you bought the game.
  8. You know you bought a game in Alpha stage right? Comparing your performance with BF3 or BF4? WTF, those are AAA games, finished and polished. This is a testing phase, and you knew it. Steams makes sure that you know that. The game is being worked on, remember Early access, shit happens and I get your frustration, but this is how things work. Right now it's a mess, like most Alpha games. Remember, you are not trying to play a finished product my dude.
  9. Yeah, that's annoying as hell when it happens but we will get there at some point, we just have to wait till all these server issues are sorted out and expect for the best. See ya in the battlefield my dude!! GLHF
  10. Exactly this. At the moment it seems that the game throws you in the first server it has a slot for you, not even considering your ping and I don't mind it most of the time cause this are testing phases, but if I can choose I always try to get on SA servers and I succeed 90% of the time as you do. And yeah, I never played on Moscow for example, never rotated or found that map to play down here. People also needs to be more patient and make research for a bit, I mean, I found my way through these methods without anyone helping me, and the info about the servers, is well known that we are gonna have servers down here in SA.
  11. Try removing the T-72 tank from your Strikes loadouts in the Customization menu from ALL your loadouts, replace it with the Leo tank. That worked for a lot of people.
  12. @Lazyyawn Upper left, where it says View, click there, and it will show you a menu. In there use the filters to look for servers for a specific game.
  13. @Kamikaze_Br @C4L4V3R4 I'm from Argentina and yes, there are servers in South America, specifically in Brazil, I play 90% of the time in those servers. To do it you have to follow some steps, it doesn't work 100% of the time but it's a very easy way to do it. Go to the Steam Server Browser on Steam. Filter by World War 3 in the game section. Pick a server, it doesn't matter wich one you pick and click Connect The game will launch but you are gonna get thrown to the Main Menu, now comes the important part. In the WarMap, where you see the 4 different locations (Berlin, Warsaw, etc.) pick the map you saw was being played on the server you clicked Connect previously. Select WarZone (MEDIUM) and then click on DEPLOY Two things can happen. You will get connected to an empty server or a full server, if you are connected to an Empty server, wait, go capture a zone, wait a few minutes and people will start to join, it happens everytime I do this. If nothing happens or you get a High ping server, leave and repeat from step 5. Hope this works for you guys. GLHF.
  14. My dude, the game is in Alpha Stage, this things are supposed to happen, sadly. This are testing stages of the game, it's well known that it may not even work for some people and you know that when you buy the game on Steam, you know you are not buying a finished and polished product. I know you are mad and I understand that you are frustrated, but hang on a bit, Devs are working hard on solving all the connectivity issues they have, even I'm tired of reading that "they are working on it" but hey, it's Early Access, I knew in what I was getting into. Hopefully they are fixing all this problems in the upcoming days, I want that because I really want to play it with a lot more of people and experience those 40 and 64 player servers, but it's just so barebones atm that we have to wait.
  15. This is big news for a lot of people with this problem.
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