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  1. This game is one of the biggest fails to ever happen from an early access games.. 11k players to under 200 in half a year.. Most early access games that peek at 5k players still manage to keep 1k+ of them. I made a post shortly after the game released EA saying this would happen when it still had 8k players I said this game would lose all its players within a few months and all the fan boys defending it (like i see in this post) all said it wasent going to happen all said im making numbers up and guessing and that the game would lose players but it wouldn't die. Yeah... How did that go.. lol The funny thing is there is barely enough players on at 1 time to fill a couple of matches (62 player matches) 108 players on in total 20 mins ago.. Not even 2 matches worth of playes and thats hoping the players are from the same region and some of them players arnt playing from china or some shit because then that number just gets even smaller to the amount you can actually play with.
  2. Well that update sure did boost the player count didn't it? lol
  3. Just dropping by this post to share the update and comparison and somewhat backup what I said when I made this post.
  4. So you launched a game it was a messy bad launch people already complaining and all the people who bought the game wanting support from devs and help and communicstion and you all thought this seems a good time to go to comic con. If you had plans to go why would you even release a game right before. Did you not realise there could be issues and players wanting help and hotfixes made?
  5. It's funny how many people are so quick to defend the game they didn't fully read my post. I never said the game needs to be free of bugs I said they could have fixed some more serious 1s before release. Can't tell me before they launched the game to steam seen that the game uses so much ram and thought nah that will be fine no one will care about that or oh the game takes a long time to load or because it uses so much of people's hardware people crash.. Nah that will be fine we can still charge $30. I meet minimum specs almost recommended but I have less ram. If I meet min specs almost recommended I expect to be able to play at least not keep crashing or getting stuck in loads screens Then when I play I get constant stutters. Now a lot will say that's not there fault get a better computer.. If they list min specs of a game then I should be able to play. Not at good settings or high fps but I should be able to load without crashing and black screening and not have fps drops every 10 seconds. Also as I said in my post I understand the point of EA and when devs listen to feedback communicate with the community and explain what's going on it works but when a EA game launches and then gives you no information and basically gives you the attitude it will be done when it's done I think it's wrong. Isn't the point of EA to get players to play there game and get community feedback and help shape the game how they want it. If they hardly get involved with the community how is that doing that in anyway. My point of people defending the game isn't that no one should have bought it and everyone should hate it my point is whenever someone posts a Complaint or issues and someone says anything negative and gives there opinion you all jump on them giving them a hard time not wanting them to share there opinion because it's a bad one. If some of you like the game then that's fine but if someone doesn't and chooses to complain about it why do you need to jump on them giving them a hard time for not liking it or having an issue? You know it's funny for people defending the game you sure have a lot of time writing in forums instead of playing the game you all love so much. Or are you just waiting for it to load or something?
  6. So many people seem to be defending this game .Stop brown nosing and accept that the game in its current state is total garbage. People keep saying its early access deal with it... You seem to miss the key word ACCESS so many people couldn't play the game before and some still can't so they hardly paid for early access they paid for early loading screens. And also you guys are the problem with games today you are what keep these early access titals going it's basically just a way for game devs to make a bunch of money without any consequences. What happened to the days when devs just made a game finished it and released it. Now so many games come out for sale unfinished and broken and they get away with taking your money because the early access disclaimer. The game currently costs $30 for its current broken shitty state where some can't even play. You can get fully finished and good games on steam for less. When does calling a game early access and devs generally looking for support from the players become them releasing a game early just for money. I understand the point of early access but when the devs are so distant from there community keeping back information such as a road map and info about where your money is going to be used it's just ridiculous and just seems like a rushed launch to get that money ASAP. the devs say its a marathon not a race if its not a race why have they put the game to steam so broken? Why not send out more keys and Control the player count for longer and let the people in closed alpha find the bugs and they can fix it without charging thousands of people $30. People will say stuff like more players more bugs can be found.. This only applys to stuff like server load not actual in game bugs which if you take a look at bug reports you can see the hundreds posted which are unrelated to the amount of players and could have been fixed before charging people to play. Ofc not all bugs need to be fixed before full release but some of the issues are just so obvious that they needed fixing before going out to the public for sale. I'm not saying this game will not improve what I have an issue with is this game and other early access games that release so early the game is unplayable at the end of the day you are still spending $30 yes you are paying less than full price but for that much you should still expect something playable and not so broken its pointless playing. If a game company is charging money for something they have every right to receive the negative feedback. Just calling it early access doesn't give a game a free pass to charge money and not be given shit for it being broken. You should get your money worth and with how broken the game is it should be selling for $10 not $30. If you think the game in its current state is worth $30 your an idiot, simple as that. This game will probably release for $50 if it gets finished that means you are paying more than half price for what feels like a less than half finished game.
  7. Then why not just release more keys instead of rushing to launch on steam? Oh yeah because they needed that battlefield old release date they couldn't wait an extra month after releasing more keys to test there game. 100k sales that means they have made $3,000,000 for this broken state of a game.. I'm sure this early broken release for the game wasent money driven though.. Even one of the devs said on a post somewhere, "we wanted to look into it but ran out of time" ran out of time? Could have just pushed back the release until the things you knew was broken was fixed.
  8. Even in that graph you can see the numbers dropping and your point that the past few days they stayed the same. Well that past 2 days was a weekend so if anything them numbers should have risen not stayed the same because more of them 100k people who bought the game should have been available to get on. Also that wouldn't be a bad drop if it was over a month but its over a week so the numbers might look small but it's still a loss of a couple hundred per day.
  9. 100k people bought the game yet the active players sit at 4k in a week idk how that doesn't tell you all you need to know. That's 95k players who choose not to play. Or so many players get on so little that number doesent spike up to like 10k+
  10. Its dropped from a peek of 11k to 4k in a week, Unless there is a update to fix what a lot are complaining about or something new is added i dont see why them numbers will not drop by half again in another week. Websites are announcing the release of there hacks for the game soon and we all know when that happens people will up and leave if they haven't already. The game may not die but im assuming at its current rate there will be a max of 2k players on at peak times and as low at 800-1k at non peak hours and weekdays. When there is not many players it means the chances of ending up in a game with a hacker is a lot higher so it will seem like every 1 in 3 games you end up with a hacker or something. Also a lot of palyers who buy this game and are unable to get a refund may turn to hacking the game as they just dont care about it and do not care about being banned, Increasing the amount of people who will actually use the cheats.
  11. If the devs dont hurry up and at least tell us there plans for this game or communicate with us in anyway what is going on this game will not last. All you need to do is read the forums and you will see the amount of people disappointed and lost hope for the game. Not only is the game full of issues and a lack of communication from the devs the release of hacks for the game is just around the corner so any players hanging in there with hope will soon quit when the hackers come in and flood the game.
  12. Here is the problem... You can have a rpg as primary and secondary. If you select a special for both and ammo bag as gadget you can spawn use a ammo bag and have 4 normal rockets and 2 special that's 6 rockets from spawn. You can then drop a ammo bag approx every 30 seconds re giving you 6 rockets. The issue isn't the rpg it's self but it's how much ammo you can get with them to constantly spam rockets. Edit: the only thing that needs fixing regarding the rpg it's self is if you shoot the floor 10m away from you the enemy in front of you dies while you take no damage. You can literally run around a corner see a enemy in front of you and shoot the floor. They die and you live. 0 need to aim.
  13. The company has over 100 staff it says so on there website however it ofc doesent mean they are all working on ww3 but yeah that's how many staff the company has in total.
  14. I think I have only ever got money and xp or whatever 2s in 3 days and it was from logging in. I don't think we are ment to get it after matches right now.
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