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  1. Yeah, Vepr-12 is way to OP, TTK is fast as f*ck boii. It seriously needs a higher damage over range drop-off. I got few kill with this weapon on a 30+ meters range which is ridiculous.
  2. I mean something like in-game report system with multiple reason placeholders (bugusing, toxicity, constant teamkilling etc.) TBH you're right. I haven't been thinking about this that way. I had to give this a second thought. Now i know this is a bad idea after all.
  3. I really miss here few features in WW3. Spawning on squadmates. (now we can only spawn on the leader) Smart spawnsystem (there are fixed spawn points so it's easy for some ppl to spawncamp and boost themselves) In game VoIP with squad Command wheel (Battlefield style) Option to report a player Grenade cooking mechanics
  4. More Close-Quarter combat would be nice. So: Explorable buildings with destructable walls. Incendiery grenades Booby Traps (claymores, trip mines) Grenade cooking mechanics Riot Shields
  5. MG5's TTK (time to kill) is really low. Even at longer distances this waepon can be a pain in the ass for players. It's recoil is quite managable so basically you can spit a whole mag directly onto a single point. A moving soldier equiped with mg5 can easily kill a sniper on a distance of 100+ meters while sniper has to spit 3-4 bullets straight to enemy's face just to deal 90 damage. Let's take TOR for an example. Few times i bodyshoted someone with TOR just to deal 15 DAMAGE!!!! Tor can damage a tank for 20+ damage but a moving soldier is waaay to much for it?!! Farm 51 WTF? I want to remind that TOR is a .50 cal sniper rifle, and we know that .50 BMG can basically penetrate any concrete wall that is up to 15 cm thick.' Best way to fix this is to significantly increase MG5's damaga and increase sniper rifle'sarmor penetration and damage.
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