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  1. Thanks mates, it helped me at least to find why it didn't worked, but if I set my settings above low I have about 10-15 fps due to the game's poorly performance optimazition right now. I hope they will work on that one cause my PC shouldn't be to bad for it (it can run Battlefield 1 at very high settings with 50-60 fps)
  2. Hello mates, In my oppinion you did a great job with the game, very proud of you, keep on going with updates and it will become even better! I bought the game recently and after first launch I could customize everything which I absolutely loved, but now I can't change the camoflage on my character's clothes and on the weapons! It worked at first, so I think it's only a bug and not intended, but would be awesome, if you would take a look at it cause now I'm running around with a quit bright camo that I selected when it used to work, which is very easy to spot. As I said, great game so far, Peace
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